Whilst single and double glazing can be used to reduce energy costs and noise, secondary glazing also offers benefits for homeowners on a budget. This glazing process involves the installation of supplemental glazing on the inside of an existing window that has already been single or double glazed.

Maintaining Architectural Integrity

As a result, this method is easier and more cost-efficient than replacing existing windows. So, make sure you have the service completed by professionals to guarantee the work. This type of glazing can also be completed to your specifications. That is why the window upgrade is used in the UK amongst listed buildings and residences. Therefore, secondary glazing is an ideal application in areas where local laws and restrictions prohibit any changes in a building or home’s appearance.

Blocking Out Noise

One of the main benefits of secondary glazing that is noted by glaziers in Gravesend is the reduction in noise. When you use this method, you can reduce outside clamour by as much as 80%. Given that many homes are subject to sounds from planes and traffic, secondary glazing may offer the best solution for blocking out this level of noise.

An Ideal Way to Save on Energy

You also cannot discount the thermal efficiency that is realised when secondary glazing is used. That is because this type of window system is completely sealed and airtight. When the glazing is installed properly, your home stays warm during the winter and remains cool in the summer whilst reducing your energy consumption.

Enhanced Security

When compared to window replacement, secondary glazing is preferred with respect to cost. This type of glazing method is also more convenient. You do not have to replace your windows. Therefore, this sort of window upgrade is not subject to building regulations. The windows also offer an additional barrier of security. That is because it is difficult to open the window from the outside. To ensure security, have safety glass, such as a toughened or laminated glass, installed for extra protection.