couch cushion foam

Some things wear out in a way we can see ahead of time: a pencil that’s shrinking in size, a computer starting to lag and slow down, or the paint on a house slowly starting to chip or peel. With these things, it’s easy to head things off at the pass, and repair or replace them before they begin to negatively impact our lives.

Other things age so gradually, it’s hard to tell it’s happening until one day, you’re faced with the reality they need to be replaced immediately.

Say that you come home from a long day of work, and go to crash on your favorite spot on the sofa. But instead of the soft, stable, comfortable, support you always remember, you collapse into the seat and realize your couch cushion is no longer any those things. In fact, it’s downright uncomfortable. If you’ve ever felt the anxiety of that situation, you know how important it is to get things back to normal ASAP.

couch cushion foam

Fortunately, not only is couch cushion replacement realistic, do-it-yourself cushions are a great way to get that couch back in tip-top shape without missing a beat!

Using an electric carving knife, foam is incredibly easy to cut. As long as you have a tape measure and a straight edge, you can make a new cushion! For a DIY cushion, all you have to do is measure your empty cushion cover, seam-to-seam, round up to the nearest whole inch, and cut the raw foam to those dimensions! Going slowly, the electric knife should move easily through the foam, and when you’re done, re-stuff your cover, toss it back on the couch, and enjoy your sofa like you used to!

Article submitted by The Foam Factory, an online source for couch cushion foam, comfort accessories, and step-by-step tutorials for making your own cushions at home!