The annual break is always welcome and is something the whole family look forward to eagerly, yet after a while, the package holiday loses its sparkle, and you yearn for something a little out of the ordinary. You’ve probable experienced a cruise, and while it is a unique experience, you prefer to be on solid ground in a beautiful natural environment.

Nature at its Best

Scotland is an untouched landscape of rocky hills and deep green valleys with an extensive network of lochs, all offering panoramic views, and the perfect way to experience this is with local accommodation with few additional extras. There are affordable hot tub lodges in Scotland where you and your family can relax, and with your own private hot tub in the terraced area, you really can relax in paradise.


If you are an active person and a lover of nature, the valleys of Scotland offer the ideal hiking experience. There are many different nature trails, some easier than others, and with stunning mountains never far away, you can be away from the stresses and strains of modern life and immerse yourself in pure nature. Many cyclists prefer parts of Scotland, mainly due to the views and the diversity of the wildlife, and if you don’t own a bike, there will be rental facilities everywhere as cycling has become a major part of tourism in Scotland.

The Five Star Experience

There are luxury lodges available where you are totally self-sufficient, and with the best of everything, you and your family can really relax. A large lodge would sleep 4 adults and two children, which is ideal for a typical family, and with a host of great activities nearby, you can switch between exploring the nature and relaxing in your own private lodge, complete with hot tub. A typical lodge would have its own private parking, and with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can keep your eye on the business while enjoying the ultimate in relaxation.


There’s nothing like preparing your own food, and with state of the art facilities in a well equipped kitchen, you have the ideal setting for a perfect evening. Be your own boss and decide when you eat, and with the splendid backdrop of a Scottish loch, you have the perfect setting for a night to remember forever.

Be Pampered

There are exclusive resorts with full room service if you really want to splash out, and this type of holiday would be perfect for a honeymoon, or perhaps a retirement gift. While a majority of tourists prefer the self-catering hot tub lodge, there are facilities for those who wish to be waited on hand and foot.

Although your lodge will be nested in a natural environment, you will never be far from restaurants and traditional Scottish pubs that serve fine ales. If you are a fisherman, the salmon and trout in this part of the world are second to none, and with tackle hire shops everywhere, you can fish anytime the fancy takes you.