Industrial Roller Shutters

Your business has taken off and you’ve started to expand. You store machinery and parts in your company’s garage – you even work out of it. Yet after everyone clocks out, you lock up the building, and you go home, you can’t help but wonder, “Is all of that even safe? What if a fire breaks out while I’m gone? Worse, what if a robber tries to break in?”

It’s only human to have these concerns. You invest time and energy in your company and want to see its continued success. This is why it’s important to make sure you have all the security you need – not just with an alarm system, but also with strong doors. Combining security systems is the best way to ensure your passion and hard work is protected every day. Instead of using weak doors that are easy to open and will break under pressure, use a stronger door instead. Most successful companies recommend one that’s fireproof, made of galvanized steel, and meant to sustain significant amounts of wear and tear.

Industrial Roller Shutters

The Best for the Best

An example of one of the most reliable products available on the market is the industrial roller shutter door by In addition to being so trusted and popular that they’ve had to expand, making garage doors is their specialty. They have over fifteen years of experience hand-delivering and producing doors and have strict specifications. The company ensures they provide both quality and perfection and this should be a key concern when looking to improve the security of your business. While a lot of companies focus on price to keep profits high, it shouldn’t be the only thing you consider; you should think about how your products are made and from whom, too.

A company that specializes in doors is a company that ensures a high-quality product. They spend every moment improving and perfecting it. If you want your business to be the best, shouldn’t you buy the best products for it? A strong, fireproof door won’t just give you peace of mind – it’ll assuage the worries of your employees and customers, too. With strong security and high standards, they’ll know your business is one they can trust. Customers can leave the work in your hands without any stress. Industrial roller doors aren’t just a purchase, but an investment.

In addition to promoting the standards of your business, they’ll also make it look great. Garage doors, for example, the ones by Auto Roll, come in all different sizes, shapes, and colours. Wide and tall, the industrial doors will have a commanding, professional and serious presence on your building. They stand out and draw the attention of passers-by with their in red, black, white, tan, or even bright yellow and black colours. The more potential customers that look at your business, the more people will know about it. That’s more people that will think about coming to you.

Prevent Ashes, Gain Assets

Of course, the most important factor to consider is what the doors are made of. It’s not enough that they just look strong, but that the material that’s used is high-quality and strong, too. Installing an industrial roller shutter means that you’ll be protecting your business with 22 or 20 gauge galvanised steel, and a T-shaped bottom rail that reinforces it. You’ll also have guide rails and 50mm to 100mm wind guides and a 77mm insulated lath section, ensuring that nothing goes wrong. Additionally, the motor that runs the door will have three phases, will be easy to use, and will already be wired. Anything or anyone that tries to get in – or a fire that tries to get out – will be stopped, protecting you, your employees, and your business.

Even so, accidents do happen and materials do break. Although it’s highly unlikely the door could falter, in the event that it did, you’d still be safe! The motors that power the doors have safety breaks. Worried the power might go out and you’d be stuck inside? There’s even a safety precaution for that; you can open the door manually with an emergency chain. This is in addition to an emergency button for sudden stops!

If a fire breaks out from some of your equipment, the door can immediately be closed to prevent the fire from spreading. Industrial shutters are fireproof, so they can minimize damages and keep the rest of your business safe. All it takes is a quick press of the emergency button. Having a strong, sturdy door can mean the difference between watching your business collapse into ashes and a contained danger firefighters can easily put out. It could be the one solid, dependable thing standing between you, your employees and disaster.

Security That Lasts

You don’t even have to stress about delivery or installation. Purchasing an industrial door means that it will be hand delivered and installed by experts. Instead of trying to read pages and pages of instructions, you can read the manual online on your own time. Instead of sweating and pulling a muscle and trying to lift 450 kg of steel, a specialist will install if for you while you focus on the day’s work. All you have to do is order the product. If anything wears out, instead of visiting every shop in town looking for just the right part, you can order it online directly from the manufacturer. This way you know that the part will be a perfect fit and the door you have invested in will continue to work. Everything and anything that could go wrong has already been thought of, allowing you to relax and fall asleep at night worry-free.

Investing in the security of your business is a crucial, essential choice you need to make. In addition to catching the attention of a passers-by and helping to make your employees feel safe, industrial roller shutters tell your customers you value your business. You work hard, give it the best, and have high standards. A company that does that is a company your customers can trust.