We all have to put in a bit of effort when it comes to putting our house up for sale. Whether your house is in ideal condition, or could do with some renovations, there are are always some adjustments that we can make to improve our chances of a speedy and favourable sale.

How Much Time, Work and Money should I put in?

This is a question which only you know the answer to. You know your house well, as will your realtor, and you know how much improvement needs to be done. There are many things which you will not be able to afford fixing, and that is fine, but if you know that you could improve certain downfalls in your home without breaking bank, then you really should.

You will find that your investments really do pay off. Moderate jobs around the house can easily improve the overall worth of your home, how quickly it sells, and how many people are competing for purchase.

There is nothing worse than having to virtually sit on your hands for months on end, waiting for someone to come along and say that your house is worth a sale, and even when an offer is made, it is not to your liking.

Making Space  

One of the most unattractive things to see that most house hunters will agree on when entering a prospective home is clutter. Piles of books, broken appliances, or unpacked toys. A clear space is essential to creating a positive flow an unrestricted tour for visitors.

You and your family need to put in some time and effort towards decluttering your home. You do not have to throw a lot of stuff, but make sure that things are packed away neatly in a non-intrusive manner.

It is simple things like making sure that your children always pack away their toys when people are coming to look around, that messy hobbies are contained, and that things that you need to admit to yourself are indeed sentimental junk need to be thrown out.

Paint Jobs

You do not have to repaint your house in order to attract new customers (unless you really feel like it is a rather unattractive shade of brown), but small paint jobs such as window shutters, doors, window frames etc. can really make a difference.

Even just adding some new paintings to your home can really make rooms far more attractive and inviting. If you really want, you can spend a weekend repainting various rooms with more attractive colours.

Listen to your Prospective Buyers

If you have even just one party interested in your home – who are still undecided – you should listen to what they feel is missing from your home, and what improvements would help them decide better.

Of course, some things will be beyond your budget and capacity, and then it is just a case of waiting for their decision making progress to pan out. However, if you know that you could fulfill their wishes, then you should strive to do so.