Plumbing companies generally offer an extensive range of services to residential clients. Ideally, you shouldn’t tamper with the pipes and the valves in your house by yourself. There’s a very high chance you will end up causing even more damage, especially if you don’t know what you are doing. At a glance, the plumbing system might seem like a complicated web of pipes and joints that run through the ground and in between the walls. In case there’s a plumbing issue at home, you should always call a plumber to fix it. Here are just some of the many different services that residential plumbers offer.

Drain Cleaning

The most common complaint most people have with their plumbing systems is that the drain pipe often gets clogged up. If the issue is occurring quite commonly, it’s important that you call in local plumbers in East Sussex to take a closer look. The plumbers will use a mini camera to determine the point of blockage and then clean it out for you. Usually, the whole process can take at least a few hours since several methods will be tried. The company will try to remove the blockage using jet-washing methods first. If that doesn’t work, the company will use acid to try and melt the fatty substances that are causing the blockage.

Pipe Leakages

Pipes can start leaking around the house due to a buildup of pressure or other atmospheric elements. In any case, leaking pipes can cause damage around your house. It’s very important you get the leaking pipes replaced as quickly as possible to avoid further damage. Moreover, until the plumbers arrive at your place, it would be a good idea to keep the main water lines shut and apply tapes on the pipe to prevent it from leaking.