There are a lot of possibilities when it comes to decorating home interiors. Aside from the fixtures, appliances, furniture, colours and general decor, you can also play around with the lighting. Accent or spot lights go well with various things that you want to emphasise.

It is quite common to put spot lights above accent pieces like paintings, or shelves. Kitchen work areas also benefit from accent lighting or spot lights. The sharp contrast from the dark background emphasises an object and puts it front and centre in a person’s view. Guests immediately notice things that you are proud of or want to talk about.

For kitchen spot lights, the lighting helps the homemaker or home cook to better see what he or she is doing. This helps keep fingers from being cut inadvertently due to any blind spot. Among the things which do not usually get the spot light treatment are stairs. However, this is one great area where you can put in some lights to better light up the steps, and keep everyone conscious about safety.

One of the most popular spot lights on the market nowadays is the GU10 LED bulb. It comes in a large array of colours as well as brightness and power ratings. The light output ranges from the equivalent of 35 watts to 75 watts. The colours can also range from 2700K to 5000K. If you are not familiar with kelvin as a measure of colour warmth, you can stay with the regular colours. Most people stick with yellowish daylight, or bluish colours.

For the stairs, you can place small GU10 LED bulb outlets on the wall, to light the individual steps. Since these are angled towards the steps, there is no glare and the stairs become brightly lit without being bathed in bright light. The eye is shielded from the lights by the LED housing. You can have the lights as bright as you want, and still save on energy as these LED bulbs consume only a small amount of electricity.

There is a theatrical thrill to stepping on the stairs, whether going up or down. It might even be considered cute. However, there is the elegance of having spot lights for each step. If in case any of the lights blow out or get busted, you can still make do with only half the lighting. Of course, the steps would not be the same without all the light fixtures in place.

You may not want to play around with the colours, if only for the simple reason that you can easily get carried away. Although the light should be a stable brightness, you do have the luxury to decide whether you want it to have a dimmer control switch. It may not make sense to some, but it can do wonders when you consider a smart house with intelligent lighting.

A change of colour, dimness, and brightness – these are just some of the options you can play with when you have your stairs illuminated. Don’t worry about the cost as these bulbs are cheap and have a long lifespan. You can create a lot of effects and interest both from the sculptural feel of the stairs and the small recessed light fixtures.

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