Home decor is a tricky aspect. It needs creativity, best knowledge of combination, and most importantly the experience. Someone with all these characteristics, if provided with the desired resources, he/she can deliver the best home decor output. However, there are some very fundamental products without which no home décor strategy can be executed. Shower curtains are one such crucial product. It is quite useful as well, at the same time being beautiful. Given below are some of the best shower curtains ideas to turn your home superbly attractive.

Light colored curtain with borders:

This can be a very good shower curtains idea for the contemporary bathrooms. To be specific, white curtain would be the best recommendation in this regard. Especially, if your tiles are white in color, a white curtain with contrasting color stripes, something like red or deep green would be a fantastic idea. However, the stripes should not be there all over the body. Otherwise, it would put the same traditional appeal. You may keep a small flower pot near it for a better effect. This can be a nice idea mostly for the compact rooms.

Flowery curtains for wider rooms:

If your room is comparatively broader, a nice shower curtains with floral prints all over its body would be a very good idea for the larger and wider rooms. It would be even enchanting if the room gets adequate sun light from outside. Otherwise, you should have enough lightening arrangements inside. Sufficient shining effects on these screens make the floral prints noteworthy. Again, this idea fits well with rooms with white tiles or white wall paints.

Extra large Curtains touching ground, and few inches lower from the top:

This is one of the trending shower curtains decoration ideas in modern times. It would also work well for the comparatively larger rooms. In terms of color, it is a good idea to keep things simple as possible. White would be indeed the best recommendation to with. Otherwise, any lighter color, which can match well with the color of the wall paint, should be given preference. These curtains can be availed with combination border prints as well.

Theme curtains:

If the bathroom is for a teen, this idea would be absolutely appropriate. It can meet the moods of younger kids as well. Theme shower curtains come with a great variety. You may go with an underwater theme print, of a sea beach, a village, etc. Talking about the kids, there are options like Tom and Jerry or of any similar popular cartoon character.

Curtains with net borders:

These curtains are also trending high these days. Net arrangements at the top and bottom of the curtain makes it much more enduring in nature as well. The best part, these curtains can be equally preferable for the larger as well as the smaller rooms. It also looks good with whole range of wall paint types or lighting arrangements. If you are looking for an enduring and cost-effective shower curtains option, this would be the perfect pick.

Source: showercurtainsspecialist.com