Vacuum cleaner brush on a carpet with large pile close up

When your home is messy, you tidy it up. The same goes for when anything in your home gets dirty, such as your floors. But what about your carpets? You may vacuum regularly but that’s not enough to clean them completely. Dust, dirt, fur, and even pollutants can get trapped in your carpet. The only way to remove these particles from your carpet is to have your carpet cleaned professionally.

Carpet cleaning services offer many benefits including improved air quality, allergy reduction, and more. You should have your carpets cleaned at least once or twice a year to keep your home clean. If you’re not sure if you need to get your carpets cleaned sooner rather than later, you’re not alone. Below are five signs that you need your carpets cleaned professionally.

Increased or Irritated Allergies

If you’ve noticed that you’ve been sneezing more frequently, don’t rule out your carpets. While vacuuming does reduce pollutants, dust, and other particles from hanging out in your carpet, you’ll still need to have your carpets cleaned professionally. The best thing to do is have your carpets cleaned to improve your allergies in any case.

Strange Odors

You and others are always walking on your carpet. Whether it’s in bare feet or in shoes, both dirt and sweat can build up under the surface and cause unpleasant odors. Also, carpets tend to attract and trap moisture as well, which can lead to molding. If your carpet smells odd, it’s a sign to have it cleaned. If you’re a pet owner, this may also contribute to strange odors coming from your carpet as well.

Your Carpet Looks Dull

Over time and with use, your carpet will sustain some wear and tear. This can lead to dullness and fading in your carpet, especially if you don’t make sure that your carpet is regularly maintained. To extend the life of your carpet, be sure to have your carpet cleaned professionally at least once a year and more if you have pets or allergies.

You’ve Recently Had Water or Smoke Damage

If you’ve recently experienced any water or smoke damage in your home, you’ll need a cleaning. With water damage, you should have your carpets cleaned in order to prevent mold growth in your carpets. Moisture trapped in carpets can quickly become an issue so you should make sure that you have them cleaned professionally. The situation is similar with smoke and you’ll want to help rid your home of the smoky odor as well.

It’s Been a Year Since Your Last Cleaning

It’s recommended that you have your carpets cleaned at least once every twelve months to maintain them. If it’s been that long or longer, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned as soon as possible. This way, you’ll be able keep your home cleaner and carpets lasting longer.