Wooden Table

For many of you who have been aspiring to be a great woodworker or ace in the-woodworking and carpentry the best option to start with would be making a simple wooden table. A table is something that they can use and utilise well, and which will also provide them with enough experience to take up complex projects then.

For making a simple table there are few very simple steps that you need to follow, but while we are going to take you through each step theoretically, we would recommend that you go ahead and take a professional guide book that would provide you with detailed plan, also consulting someone who holds enough experience in this field will also be good for a start.

Having said that, here are the steps which will provide you with some insight on how to make a simple table:

Wooden Table

  1. Once you have a guide with you, do not be overconfident, instead getting a pencil paper and ruler and chalking out a plan of your own would be a good idea. A rough design will help you analyse all the niches pretty minutely. You can brainstorm with a few sketches before zeroing down on the one that seems to be the best.
  2. Once your sketch is ready you need to decide on the dimensions, and that will critically depend on the corner where you are planning to place your epitome of creativity, also a rough dimension will also help you in figuring out as to how much of wood you need to make the table, also a small tip for all those beginners is that it always pays to get some extra.
  3. The third phase is choosing the wood, and for all those who are just starting up their carpentry job we would suggest to use a soft wood like pine, but if you are keen in giving your table a fine finish then we did advice you to go for poplar instead. Also remember if you are going to use the table for patio or as a garden table then you should go for redwood or the treated woods will also be good option.
  4. The fourth step is to make the top first, and you can do it two ways, either by using planking or you can use a single sheet of wood also.
  5. It is now time to glue and clamp the table and once that is done leave it to dry overnight.
  6. Once the night’s passed you need to concentrate on making an under-table, which attaches the table top and also helps in supporting the legs of the table.
  7. Once that is done create the legs, you can do that by cutting one leg as per the size of your wish and then the rest three can be measured and made accordingly
  8. Attach the legs, then you can turn it and wobble to check its stability, then you can sand the table as per your wish and apply a wood treatment, and voila! Your table is finished.

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