chain link fence

No homeowner wants to come back to house that has been burglarized or vandalized. You do have the ability to take action to prevent criminals from targeting your home and valuables. Here are some simple ways to improve your home security.

Outdoor Lights

A simple step is to put outdoor lights around the exterior of your home. You can purchase these lights as self-contained units that are easy to install. Choose lights with motion sensors. Bright lights will keep criminals away. They also make it easier for you and your family to move around the property at night without tripping and falling.

Use Defensive Landscaping

You want to use defensive landscaping around your home. This means pruning back bushes, trees and other plants so that there are no hiding places for criminals. Keep bushes low. Maintain a few feet of clear space between tall plants and your house. Cut down branches that could be used to climb into your higher windows. Remove any potential hiding locations burglars could use.

Erect Fences on Your Property

Erect fences around your property. A chainlink fence creates a physical barrier that most criminals will not want to deal with. The fence will stop criminals from approaching your home. It will slow down any exit strategy a burglar has. The fence also makes it difficult or impossible for criminals to secretly enter your property from neighboring yards. A fence is a very simple and effective way to protect your home.

chain link fence

Lighting Timers

Get several lighting timers to use inside of your house. The timers will turn lights in different rooms on and off at various points throughout the day. These timers make it look like someone is always home. They can deter criminals completely since most will not want to target a house that appears to be constantly occupied.

Reinforce Windows near Doors

Burglars can break windows near doors to reach inside and unlock the door. You need to reinforce any windows that are within the reach of the locks on your doors. The simplest way to do this is by mounting a piece of half-inch or three-quarters inch thick clear acrylic or plastic to the interior of the windows.

Close Your Curtains or Blinds

You want to close all the curtains or blinds in your home as soon as it starts to get dark outside. Criminals will be trying to look through your windows to learn the patterns of your family and judge whether you have valuables to steal. Closing your windows is a way to prevent criminals from collecting information about your household that might make you a target. You could even get special adhesive screens for your windows that stop anyone outside from seeing in even if the blinds are open.