Clean Kitchen

While most kitchens come standard with larger appliances, such as a refrigerator, dishwasher, range, and built-in microwave, there are many small appliances that you can use on a daily or weekly basis to make preparing and cooking food and beverages faster and more efficient. Below are a few small kitchen appliances you may want to consider adding to your kitchen.

Coffee Maker

Ensuring you have a coffee maker in your home won’t just save you money on morning trips to the coffee shop; modern coffee makers can quickly and easily make the customized and flavorful coffees you enjoy. When choosing a coffee maker, find one that best meets your needs. This could be anything from a traditional coffee maker to a coffee maker with a built-in coffee grinder to an espresso machine or a single-serving gourmet coffee maker. If you are an avid coffee lover, you can even have more than one type of coffee maker in your kitchen.Clean Kitchen


If you enjoy baking, investing in a countertop mixer will make preparing your baked goods fast and easy. While handheld electric mixers will get the job done, they can be messy and make it difficult to add ingredients during the mixing process. Countertop mixers also come with a wide variety of mixing accessories, allowing you to make a wider range of pastries and baked goods.

Food Processor

Chopping, slicing, and dicing food for your recipes can be a time-consuming process. However, by purchasing a food processor, you can speed up the time in which you chop, slice, and dice. Many food processors perform a multitude of other functions, such as puréeing food, and some even come with juicing attachments.


Blenders are an excellent addition to any kitchen, even if they are only used on occasion. You can utilize your blender to make smoothies, milkshakes, and your favorite blended alcoholic beverages. Depending on the type of blender you purchase, it may have settings that allow you to purée food and prepare soups.

Toaster or Toaster Oven

Toast is a fast and easy breakfast and snack option. While many individuals have toasters in their kitchens, some prefer a toaster oven that allows for quick preparation of bruschetta and grilled cheese sandwiches or for warming up leftovers. Toaster ovens are also ideal for small apartments or rented rooms that do not come standard with a traditional oven.

Wine Cooler

If you enjoy wine and champagne, even if only on occasion, storing these luxury beverages at the proper temperature is imperative. By investing in an electric wine cooler, you can keep your white wine and champagne at your desired drinking temperature without monopolizing room in your refrigerator. Many wine coolers also have areas to store red wine so that it is not too cold and not too warm. Wine coolers are available in many different sizes, shapes, and finishes to blend in with your décor. If you do not have room for your wine cooler in your kitchen, consider keeping it in your dining room, garage, or a spare room.

By adding these appliances to your kitchen, you will be more motivated to make healthy, home-cooked meals because they will be faster and easier to prepare.

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