Christmas is coming, and for many people this means a last dash attempt to get all of those home decorating tasks out of the way before guests arrive. If you fall into the same camp as this, then you should keep in mind that jobs can often take longer than you think they might, and if you are using wet materials, they will need to dry. Therefore it makes sense not to leave it until the day before family and friends are due, and do it ahead of time instead. That way you will have plenty of hours for everything to dry and to get those finishing touches done too.

So don’t panic – just create a plan now and try to stick with it as much as possible. You could always draft in a little bit of extra help if you promise a beer or two to your mates. And to help, here are a few of the small details you should consider along the way when you are decorating:

Bathroom: sealant

If you are finally fitting your new bath, sink or toilet – well done! It can be hard to find the inspiration to do this job as you know it can be a messy one. So even if you have got the help of a plumber to do it all properly, you should still think about how the room will be used in the coming weeks, months and years. Try and keep everything working and looking good for longer and you won’t have to pay for a new suite so soon. You can do this by using sealant to protect against water damage and mould growth. Read the directions on the label for the best results.

Kitchen: smoke detector

Whatever you end up doing in the kitchen, whether just a quick paint or a full makeover, always make sure to put the smoke detector back in place. Do what you need to do to remind yourself – write notes, set an alarm on your phone, put it in an obvious place. It would be daft to cook anything without a fire alarm, especially when you have extra people staying in the house. It is also a smart move as you may be more inclined to drink more during the festive period and might not be as receptive to fire hazards in the home.

Hallway: door coatings

One of the quickest ways to give your house a fresher look is to paint your doors. Look out for a nice matt varnish that you can use to give them an extra layer of protection, especially ideal if you have little ones staying in the house that tend to have grubby fingers. It will also protect doors from knocks and spills too, which is pretty convenient when people are coming and going with their hands full of presents and food!

Bedroom: curtains and blinds

Finally, always make sure to hang some curtains or blinds in your guest bedrooms after decorating the walls. At this time of year it gets dark pretty quickly which means the lights need to stay on more indoors. Give your friends and family the privacy they deserve so they can get dressed without having to bob down every ten seconds!