investment pieces for home

Who doesn’t love living in luxury? But when you’ve got a small space, it’s hard coming up with interior design solutions that will spell luxury. Here are some tips right after the jump.

Grandiose Decorating Ideas

Invest Properly

It’s tough choosing which items to splurge on and which items to scrimp on. When the time comes for you to decide, always splurge on items that you’ll be using everyday. It’s one step to luxury living even with a limited space. For example, choose great bed sheets instead of cheap ones since you’re going to use it everyday (or night!). Besides, if you have great looking furniture, luxurious sheets, and awesome kitchen tools, you would be living in relative luxury already and you wouldn’t be irritated by the small stuff like scratchy sheets and low quality pans.

Grandiose Decorating Ideas

Strategic Greenery

If you want to live in luxury without going over the top, why not add potted plants and bouquets of flowers? The right indoor plants can make a small space instantly luxurious and actually helps clean up indoor air and improve overall air quality without having to invest in expensive equipment. If you can’t take care of plants, there are options that require minimal care so you won’t have any excuse!

bouquets of flowers

Color Says It All

Some color combinations just spell pure glamor! Take for example: crisp, white furniture coupled with metallic decorations like mirrors and vases. This is a look that spells luxury without going over the top. Burgundy is also a great statement color when used sparingly. Crisp colors (like white and/or teal) paired with metallic colors (like gold and silver) make for a great statement.

Grandiose Decorating Ideas

Wallpaper Woes

If your landlord or landlady doesn’t mind, adding wallpaper (even if it’s just for a single wall, serving as an accent) can instantly revamp a room and turn it a whole lot cozier. There are stick-on options that don’t leave a mess when you peel it off just in case your landlord/lady disapproves of your home improvement ideas.

Grandiose Decorating Ideas

Mood Lighting

Nothing says comfort and luxury like strategic, warm lighting. If you can’t install extra lighting on the walls or ceiling, a good lamp can help set the mood quickly. Scented candles also add a touch of luxury.

Grandiose Decorating Ideas

Scent Says It All

Aside from scented candles, spritzing on linen sprays and the like can help set the tone for luxury living despite having a small space. Scents like vanilla, lavender, and coconut are great choices since these scents evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxing seaside vacations.

scented candles

THE Investment Piece

The Investment piece can be the major focal point in your home. It can be an extremely luxurious sofa set or bed (wise buys considering the use you’ll get out of them), an art piece, a chandelier (buyer beware: go for the smaller, less imposing ones so your room won’t look miniscule), or even a rug! The investment piece will set the mood for the whole space and can even last you a long time as long as you take care of it. Perfect for renters who are looking to buying a bigger house in the future!

investment pieces for home