One of the healthiest ways of keeping the environment of a house cool is by evaporative cooling. It is because of the fact that it helps in replacing old stale air with fresh and clean air at multiple times every hour- as long as one remembers to keep the doors and windows of the house open.

Installing evaporative cooling systems is a cost effective option for cooling an individual’s entire office or home. The basic method involved in evaporative cooling is the drawing of the dry air present outside into the house through the roof unit and then allowing it to flow into the house and out of the open windows and doors. This method of cooling operates at its best capacity when the air present outside is dry and hot. Due to the same reason, this system will operate at a much lower capacity in humid conditions.


Evaporative cooling systems help in cooling of air by the filtration of the hot air present outside by moist pads. These pads are present on all sides of the cooling unit and are kept moist by a small water pump located inside. Now, the water is evaporated into the air. This evaporated water is then passed through the grills and ducts running through the roof in every room. The pressures made by forcing the movement of cold air into the room helps in pushing out the old air by open doors or windows. This ensures the circulation of cool air throughout the room. The air flow in the house can be controlled by closing or opening certain windows or doors. It is essential to have some windows or doors open all the time when an evaporative cooling system is operating.

Evaporative cooling helps in the cooling of the entire office or home instead of cooling of a particular room. While deciding to cool one’s home or office, he or she must decide whether to cool the whole area or cool separate rooms at a time.

Ducted Evaporative Cooling:

In the summer season, everyone desires coolness in their bedrooms at night and the same in their living areas during daytime. There are many options which can make this wish come true.

In order to cool only a particular room, the split refrigeration system proves to be an excellent option. On the other hand, in order to cool an entire house, ducted evaporative cooling can be used. It performs its task with the help of a network of outlets present in the ceiling.

In the case of refrigerated cooling, the windows and doors must remain closed for maintaining a cooler temperature. But in evaporative cooling, the same needs to remain open in order to maintain the cooling of the house.

H2O Portable Coolers:

An efficient method of cooling by nature is by evaporation of water. The principle of evaporative cooling lies in the absorption of heat by evaporation of moisture. The same thing happens with the human skin. The body undergoes sweating in order to decrease the body temperature.

The H2O portable cooler effectively cools the environment by combining the water evaporation process with a simple air moving system. In this device, fresh air present outside is filtered through an evaporative and saturated media. It is then cooled with the help of evaporation and finally circulated with the help of a blower.


The evaporative cooling pads generally last for two to five years in normal usage and good conditions. In the areas where evaporative cooling systems are extensively used, the pads must be changed more frequently. Another thing to note is that the quality of water supplied affects the life span of pads. Hard water or poor quality water shortens the lifespan of the pads.

Considering all these things, evaporative cooling systems are beneficial for cooling the house or office with dry air. If you need more details, then let’s have a look here and get more info about evaporative cooling.