Blinds can come really cheap, expensive and everywhere in between. Deciding exactly how much money to spend on something so basic, lands most of us on the cheaper end of the two extremes.

In the world of home decor, this can quickly make it difficult to achieve any kind of classy appeal; yet people often underestimate the negative impact that cheap blinds can have on an otherwise adequately decorated room.


Let’s explore some of those negative effects.

Problems with Basic White Blinds

We’ve all seen them. They’re the cheap, basic white blinds that come standard in most new home construction and can be found in just about any department store. They’re low cost, sure; but they come with a host of problems, some of which we won’t notice until after they’re home and installed.

  • The white finish — The plain white finish that these blinds usually come in might seem passable because of its neutrality, and in terms of color it does go with anything. However you’ll notice that white blinds will eventually have the same boring effect that white walls have. After a while, they’ll look dull and will distract from the rest of the room’s decorating, especially the curtains.

  • They’re fragile — Even if you’re prepared to ignore the lack of color, these blinds always seem to crack and break easily. You won’t get a lot of mileage out of them before they need to be replaced, since even a small crack can ruin what is already a marginal “look”.

  • Small panels — The panels that make up these blinds are always small and thin, which is already a losing battle for a room’s decor. The larger and thicker panels of higher priced blinds are going to look much nicer and be far more durable.

  • They do a poor job of keeping light out — The thin paneling also means that they’re going to have trouble keeping light out. These blinds keep most of the sunlight out, but do so while allowing a dull glow to still come into the room. You’ll also typically have small cracks of sunlight come in between the panels, since they’re so small.

These are the basic arguments against the cheaper white blinds that you see everywhere. While there are a lot of ways you can be thrifty and save money when decorating your home, this just isn’t the area where you want to skimp out.

Let’s look at a few of the benefits of the more expensive blinds.

Why Nicer Blinds Matter

Just to be certain that you’re not being misled, there is usually a fairly significant price difference when you’re dealing with blinds. Your higher quality options aren’t going to come cheap, and it might even seem like a senseless purchase unless you can really see the difference in quality.

Yet if you can get past the price tag, the extra cost is well worth it for several reasons.

Higher quality blinds give you more color options —

When you shop for blinds on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, you’ll have a lot of options in terms of color, material and overall style. Wooden blinds are particularly attractive for traditionally decorated rooms; though the idea is that you’ll have plenty of different options to choose from, aside from just plain white.

Durability and longer lasting —

The simple fact that you aren’t likely to replace the nicer blinds for a long time makes them well worth the investment. They’re much stronger and more durable than their cheaper counterparts and are highly unlikely to crack and break on their own.

As long as you’re not playing baseball in your living room, the odds of having to replace these for any reason other than wanting to change the look of the room, is slim to none.

Better at keeping light out —

Let us not forget the primary function of blinds in the first place, is to keep light from streaming in through your windows. While style is important, if your blinds don’t do a good job of this, then there’s little reason to have them.

Wooden blinds, or any of the thicker options will shut light out completely, keeping your rooms cooler and only allowing sunlight through between the space where the blinds end and the walls begin.

Complimentary of the decor —

Just like curtains, blinds make a huge difference in the decor of a room, so don’t think of them as necessary utility pieces that just keep light out. They can truly make or break the look and feel of whatever room they’re in.

The higher end options will give you a more diverse range of styles to choose from, therefore you can target something that will better suit the decorating you’ve already done, or plan to do to the room.

Worth the Extra Cost

You don’t need to break the bank for blinds, but you also shouldn’t cheap out on them when you’re truly looking to improve the style and feel of a particular room. Once they’re installed, they become a big part of how the room will feel, especially when they’re lowered.

Do some shopping around and get something that is a high quality and that fits your decor.

You’ll never go back to the thin, white version.