An issue which a number of people associate with a skip bin is that of a skip bin fire. Skip bin blazes can definitely be a problem and if left unattended can even lead to destruction of property.

Below is some good advice on how to put a stop to such an occurrence:

If Possible Don’t Invite a Skip Bin Fire

  • The incineration of rubbish in a skip bin is a temptation for a number of folk. Because some skip hire companies charge users on the amount of collected waste, people do get tempted to burn their rubbish so as to fit more inside and therefore and save on fees.

This may seem like a cost-saving method, but it has the side-effects mentioned below.

  • If any skip bin is near a tarmac road or a driveway, a fire’s high temperature can melt the surface and then you will get a bill for road repairs.
  • Skip fires can damage the inner area of a skip bin, and because it’s hired, you will then have to pay for the damages or maybe even a brand new one.
  • A number of materials may release toxic carbon monoxide gases when burnt, which is not only extremely unhealthy, but hazardous to the nearby surroundings.
  • Try to rent a skip bin which is the proper size for the job in hand and ask the bin hire service for advice on the size which you require. In Australia, if seeking skip bins in Waikiki, make sure to use a professional, expert and affordable service.

Flammable Materials in a Skip Bin are a No-No

Highly flammable materials should never be placed in a skip bin, as this increases the possibilities of a fire. Items like aerosols, canisters, gas cylinders, and containers with flammable liquid inside, such as paint tins and even car batteries, should all be separately disposed of.

  • And, tossing any lit cigarettes into a bin is plain foolish, as it may ignite any dry materials.

Bin Site Location

If you’re considering placing a skip bin outside of your home or business, it’s going to be impossible to control any waste which passers-by will throw into it. Also, by accident or intention, someone may start a fire by throwing in ignited materials.

To stop this kind of thing from happening, put the bin within your property or premises where any passers-by cannot get access to them. This will not only stop fires from starting, but also prevent you from getting the bin filled with rubbish from outsiders.

More Tips

  • Get the skip bin collected when it is full.
  • If a fire does break out, make use of a fire extinguisher or a water hose pipe to extinguish it.
  • Don’t try moving the skip as it may topple over and spread the fire elsewhere.

The above advice mixed with some sound judgement you’re your skip bin hire will work out just fine!