If you are planning on erecting wooden fence posts in your garden to help stabilise your new fence its important to source a reliable product, once you have done this, it’s time to think about the best way to secure the posts in the ground. There are several crucial steps to follow to ensure your posts are firmly set and won’t come loose anytime soon.

Remember these key steps for buying and installing your wooden fence posts.

 Purchasing Wooden Fence Posts

Look for a high-quality company who stock a wide range of products so you have various options when choosing your fence posts. If you are considering buying fencing in Oxford there are several good companies with a great selection of products and fencing supplies in this area. Once you have decided on the type of fence you wish to erect, it is important to purchase pressure treated wood stakes to secure your fence to the ground. Why spent money on a beautifully designed fence if you neglect to properly fix it in place to ensure stability, you don’t want your fencing to fall during strong winds as it will cost you money to fix and readjust the whole feature.

Guideline for Erecting Wooden Posts

Step 1

Before you install the wooden posts, make sure you dig a hole deep enough to accommodate about a third of the stake, it should go in deep to ensure stability. It must be a strong, solid structure which supports your fence. You’ll also need to mark out your holes using small stakes as a guideline, attached some rope to these stakes and place them where you plan on installing your main posts. This provides a blueprint for your final project and keeps your fence properly aligned.

Step 2

Use a fence post digger to make a hole in your garden where your wooden posts will be installed. A fence post digger is basically 2 narrow shovels facing each other when allows users to dig a deep hole put stops you from making the hole too wide. If you create a garden hole which is too wide, then the stakes won’t settle because the soil around the posts will be too loose.

Step 3

When the hole is finished, place the post inside and use a spirit level to ensure the stake is properly aligned. Hold the stake in place and gradually fill the hole with soil, make sure to secure it tightly around the post when you fill in the hole. Continue with the process of soil replacement until the hole is completely full, make sure you squash the soil in to stabilise the post. Each post will support your new fence so it is important that you take your time when aligning and installing each one.

It is vital that you take some time to properly install your wooden fence posts, they are the foundation of your fence and keep the unit together during extreme weather, if they are poorly erected your whole fence could come crashing down and injure a member of the public.