Of course – start from the most soiled areas and items. Another great advice is to try to clean the ceilings first, then – clean the walls and the floor coverings as last. However, it`s not always easy to follow this order and because of that, next is a quick list with tricks and loopholes that you should use when kitchen cleaning in the weekend.

A quick inspection is the key for a better organization of the task. Spend a dozen minutes to check out where are located the dirtiest objects and the type of the stains. Also, consider when was the last deep cleaning, because it is an essential starting point to determine the condition of the kitchen. If you deep clean it once a month – then, a couple of hours for cleaning the furnishings and the exterior of the appliances should be enough. If you do it once a year or even more rarely – then you may need to spend a couple of hours only for moving the big furnishings and appliances from their original places in order to get a better access for deep cleaning.

Defrost the fridge and the freezer, which may take quite some time too. In the meantime, clean the ceiling and the objects hanging from the ceiling like lamps, fans or curtains. At least try to wipe off dust from the hanging objects, while the dirtiest ones should be dismantled and further cleaned. Move all the objects from their original places, which will give you a better access to clean the area behind the fridge and the laundry machine, as well as clean the items themselves much easier and from all the sides.

Start with oven cleaning. Remove the metal grits and the burner grit from the gas stove, and soak them in a cleaning detergent in the sink for a while. Clean all the sides of the oven and of the stove, including the glass areas, the vents, the knobs, the buttons and the lights from inside, as well as from outside. The dirty dark spots from kitchen grease should be dissolved and so the cleaning of the metal grits can be continues easily with a metal brush or with a sponge. Leave the doors of the stove and oven open to dry naturally faster.

Clean the defrosted fridge and the freezer by dismantling the compartments and the trays, then soak them in water if needed. Overall, apply the same procedure as with the oven cleaning, mentioned above. Don`t forget to wipe off dust from the cooling coils on the back of the fridge and check out the pump compartment for bigger blemishes like spider webs and loose dirt particles.

The furnishings and the big kitchen appliances should be next. From cupboards to the laundry machine – they all need a thorough rubbing with a clean cloth damped in detergent and water. Polish the wooden surfaces of the cupboards and the wooden shelves with a special wax for wood, which will pop up the wooden texture and therefore will enhance the comfort in your kitchen.

Sanitize the countertop and the sink with a sanitizing agent, which will eliminate all bacteria and microorganisms. Use a special sanitizing detergent for chrome parts, which will also provide a shiny finish of these delicate parts from the kitchen equipment.

Finally – some carpeting is an indispensable task when kitchen cleaning. Decide whether to call the professional cleaners in your region or just a quick spot cleaning is enough. Consider all other tips and tricks for a treatment of the other types of floor coverings. The clean floors are the basic part of the entire journey, which makes your kitchen to look like new.