Whether you are older and seek extra security whilst moving inside your home or you have an elderly parent living with you, the use of safety rails is a necessity. A grab rail is a home safety accessory that can be used for moving in areas such as the bedroom, hall, bathroom, or up and down steps. The rails prevent falls and slips inside a house, which are injuries that can lead to a serious emergency.

Grab Rail Features

You can choose grab rail styles that are made of one of two specific types of materials. Both stainless steel and reinforced nylon are used to make the product. Reinforced nylon grab rails are produced with an alloy tube that features a nylon outer sleeve that prevents slippage. Reinforced flange fixings ensure maximum durability and safety. The non-slip outer sleeve is especially suited to use in baths or showers.

Nylon-reinforced grab rails in Melbourne are typically installed next to toilets or inside showers – anywhere that help is needed to sit, stand, or comfortably move around. You can select grab rail designs in a number of sizes and configurations. Bespoke sizing also ensures that stable fixing into a supportive wall frame is achieved. Lift rails can also be installed, offering assistance to access tight spots or smaller areas of a home. Nylon-styled grab rails are only available in white. Therefore, the rail can be included in any décor.

Types of Finishes

Stainless steel grab rail products are normally featured in bathrooms. They are highlighted in one of a number of finishes designed to match a bathroom’s current fixtures. You can select stainless steel grab rail products in the following finishes:

  • A chrome finish
  • A satin finish
  • A powder-coated finish in almond, white, or brown

You may be able to order a special colour on request if you choose the powder-coated grab rail design.

Custom grab rail products are offered in a wide range of sizes. Therefore, they can be customised to your specifications. The rails can easily be installed by do-it-yourselfers.

Obtaining a Quote

Because of the customised nature of grab rail designs, you will need to contact the retailer for a quote. Take an audit of your home to see where you can use the installations. Make sure that you have this information handy when you contact the store.

Besides grab rail products, providers of handrails offer other home-assistance items such as modular handrails, customised external handrails, and even entrance ramps. If you wish to increase the safety and mobility in your home, grab rails and handrail products can be lifesavers. The products enable older people to function with more independence and confidence.

You can benefit from this type of home safety product, especially if you are older or are caring for an older family member. Do not delay an installation as grab rails and similar products save lives.

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