In order to save money and choose a perfect location as well as own the dream bedrooms, some people are willing to buy the second hand house. But you have to renovate the house, especially for the wall. The second hand house wall will occur some aging problems after going through a long time living. Therefore, you have to make assurance doubly sure, for it may shorten the service life and cause more harmful substances.

The problems that the wall of the second hand house exist

First, the crack and desquamations, as it has existed for a long period, some wall surface occur aging and embrittlement phenomenon. Of course, these problems may occur by using unqualified paint.

Second, get moldy. The common places are the wet parts. Once the wall gets moldy, the former gesso may occur hollowing and decladding.

Third, chalking, it may cause chalking by low construction temperature, over dilution of the wall powder, too thin for the paint or no bottom paint.

How to renovate the wall for the second hand house

Experts from F&B Painting Contracting remind you that if the wall of the second hand house is not damaged seriously, there is no need for you to do the whole renovation.. You may adapt partial remedial measure. That is to say, do the partial renovation for the wall of the second hand house. For example, for the problem wall, you may do the partial cleaning and then brush the small chromatic aberration paint on it. One thing you need take care that you need adjust the color of the paint before brushing. Contrast to the original wall, you need to make sure that the chromatic aberration is very slim. It is only suitable for fixing the small parts.

If the wall of the second hand house damaged seriously with large scale dropping off and long cracks etc., you have to remove the original paint and do the whole wall renovation.

According the construction procedure that the experts provide, there are two steps for brushing the paint. First, you have to brush the priming paint, including the seal primer and anti-alkali primer. Then, brush two times paint.

As to the non-professional people, these procedures look very complicated. And it is very troublesome to renovate the wall of the second hand house. But to professionals, these kinds of work do not have high challenge. As long as they guarantee the responsible and earnest attitude and make good renovation plans as well as choosing the qualified materials, you can get the effect you expected.

To sum up

The renovation is not that as troublesome as you think. You may learn the renovation procedure from the professional construction team during the construction.

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