It defeats the purpose of removing an unwanted tree to leave its stump. The stump serves no purpose and invites plenty of trouble. For instance, if a visitor trips over the stump and gets hurt, you could be sued for the victim’s medical costs.

Unwanted Visitors

Stumps can also attract unwanted animal visitors. Not only do termites like to inhabit stumps, so do rodents, and neither of these creatures should live close to a house. After a while, they may decide to move inside with you.

That is why tree surgeons in Birmingham offer stump grinding as a service. They also provide the following services:

  • Tree work, including removal and pruning
  • Hedge work
  • Garden and site clearances

Do You Need Your Hedges Trimmed?

When you schedule stump grinding, the stump will be removed with the latest tools and equipment. You can also expect good results if you need to have a tree removed or a hedge trimmed. For example, tree removal professionals have hedging tools that can be used on various kinds of hedges.

If you want a manicured yard and healthy plants, you need to rely on the services of a tree surgeon. Tree work includes pruning and removing trees as well as cleaning a tree’s crown and removing any deadwood. If you need your garden or site cleared, a tree removal service can take care of this work as well, whether the site is residential or commercial.

When a site clearance is scheduled, all the materials that can be recycled are taken to the proper facility upon conclusion of the job. That way, very few materials end up in a landfill.