Custom Homes

When you are looking to build a home in a seaside area, you might not want the standard kind of cookie cutter house. You probably want your house to stand out from the rest, and you want it to reflect your own distinct personality. Also, a house that stands out is easier to sell if the time comes for you to move on. Many homebuilders build houses from one set of plans that they do not change. Other ones build the houses in modules in a warehouse, then ship the house to the location and assemble it. The top quality luxury builders construct customhouses that combine many different styles and eras.

Custom Homes


Baroque architecture of the late seventeenth century features an emphasis on many effects that were usually seen in paintings. The architecture features colonnades, massing, domes, colours, interplaying light and shade, and a big emphasis on volume. The style is largely known for its large staircases. Also, the architecture featured what is called a state apartment. State apartments consist of increasingly large and rich rooms that finally end in the most opulent room. This is called the state bedroom or throne room or presence chamber. This style became very popular in Germany and in Latin America. The towns in this style are typified by intersecting avenues that radiate from a central point.


Victorian architecture is a style from the 19th century. The term itself refers to the period corresponding to the reign of Queen Victoria in England. Most of what is popular about Victorian architecture is from late in the reign of Queen Victoria.

The style is typified by the introduction of Asian and Middle Eastern influences. This coincides with the expansion of European trade into Asia and North Africa. The style also coincides with the introduction of new technology that allowed builders to begin to use steel in construction. The styles themselves though were very retrospective. Victorian architecture borrows from medieval Gothic style as well as Renaissance and Baroque styles. A unique feature is the blending of these classical styles with modern iron and steel.


Italianate architecture is also a 19th-century style that borrows heavily from classical architecture, mainly that which was popular in Italy. The name and the style refer to its emphasis on the models popularised by Italian Renaissance architecture of the 16th century. AT the time, the style was called Neo-Renaissance. The style originated in 1802 with a British architect named John Nash. The home he created was a small house in the country that looked similar to an Italian villa. The style was expanded and popularised throughout the British Empire and Northern Europe. It was very popular in Australia and still maintains a level of popularity.

Other different styles of architecture that have been popular throughout the British Empire still maintain some popularity in Australia also. Custom homes can be built to reflect the pieces of the styles that you find desirable. You can borrow and blend the different eras of architecture.