The bathroom is a fun place to decorate because of how compact everything is. The size can sometimes make it difficult to design because you do not want the space to feel too crowded, yet you want to be able to include all the essential elements into your bathroom.

A useful piece of advice is to stick to one theme and go with it. This can be an art nouveau inspired or a modern, sleek bathroom. Below are just three styles of that you can transform your bathroom into to make it the new hotspot of your home.If you need more interior design ideas please click InteriorDesignPro Blog.

The Bright, Bold Bathroom

This bathroom should have intricate wallpaper or paint patterns with your favorite colors splashed onto it. Choose one color scheme and find accent colors to bring the most out of the walls. Perhaps the rest of your bathroom décor and accessories will be a toned down version of the color or a neutral color so that it is not completely overwhelming. Whether you decide to go with a bright pink or turquoise, make sure it is a color that will energize you whenever you enter the bathroom.

Small detailed touches include painting the inside of the cabinet drawers, adding a flower vase on the toilet or bathtub, or having a colorful light fixture. Paying attention to the details will bring out the character and colors of the space.

Art Nouveau Inspired Bathroom

The art nouveau inspired bathroom is great for your personal bathroom and also a guest bathroom. The warm, soft atmosphere it creates is perfect for a place to get ready for the day or an evening night out. The wallpaper and bathroom fixtures will be a critical factor in art nouveau inspired bathroom. Go for bronze or steel looking fixtures, and if you cannot pick an art-centric wallpaper, go for a brown or dark green paint instead.

Choose your extra elements very carefully, including towels, makeup fixtures, soap and toilet paper holders, etc. Consider putting up appropriate paintings. Something as small as a few ambient lamps will go a long way in transforming your bathroom. Every detail will be essential to make for a wholesome look.

The Earthy Bathroom

The earthy bathroom is inspired by the warm, inviting touches of earth colors and textures. Pick shades of brown and dark green to decorate your bathroom. You will want to have familiar textures in tiling or wood. When choosing the tiling, try using a dark brown and green colors, and decide on how large you want the tiling to be. The larger the tiling is, the more open your bathroom will feel. If you are creating an intimate, cozy atmosphere, pick smaller tiling. If you can, choose a unique sink or bathtub that plays out the personality. Consider putting in candleholders and candles to play off the mood. Perhaps you could add an air freshener to bring in the earthy scents. Add in ambient lights through lamps and focus on the details. Work with all the sense to create the perfect atmosphere for your bathroom.

Remember no matter what look you want for your bathroom, it is the details that will transform it into a dream bathroom you are looking to create. Have fun with it and bring in your personality and special touches!