When people make major purchasing decisions they don’t always think everything through. Seduced by special offers and discounts they don’t check the small print. The terms and conditions that can come back to haunt them later on. Sales people might be exerting a bit of pressure to encourage them to sign up. And once that signature is on the order form it’s a done deal. No backing out now.

Every office based business needs a supplier for furniture at work. They need to make sure every worker has a proper ergonomic desk and chair so that they can work safely and comfortably. Plus they’ll need smart chairs and tables for meeting and boardrooms, along with some storage too. There’s nothing worse than a cluttered office with files and paperwork lying around. Everything needs a proper home.


This is actually an important strategic relationship. It’s easy to make decisions based purely on price, but the after care is just as important. It’s when things go wrong that quality suppliers shine through.

Furniture at work complaints will happen from time to time. Some equipment might be faulty. No one wants to be making endless phone calls or firing off endless emails to try to get simple problems resolved. They want a speedy response from a supplier who cares. But when prices are super low, then something has to give somewhere along the line. And it’s usually the level of service that suffers.

Office managers are busy people. They don’t have time to chase up trivial issues and problems. If something goes wrong with any item of furniture they want a quick resolution. A dedicated helpline or account manager makes life much easier. If customers have a furniture related fault or complaint they know exactly who to contact to get the issue sorted out.

A good supplier will be open and honest about complaints and faults. They will highlight who to call on their website and pull out all of the stops to meet pre-agreed service levels. It should just be a simple case of returning the problem item for a new one.

Things go wrong in business from time to time. Deliveries are delayed, messages don’t get passed on and faulty items get shipped. It’s how suppliers deal with these situations that counts. When there’s an issue a reputable company will jump on it straight away and pull out all the stops from a service perspective to make it up to the customer.

It’s important to ensure that any furniture supplier has a clear and transparent policy for returns and they will take complaints seriously. Purchasing decisions should not be based on price alone. After care and service matters. Otherwise dealing with minor problems can become a nightmare. Purchasing managers need to look for value for money, but they also need to consider service levels too. It makes such a difference knowing that if there’s any furniture related problem, then it will be all be handled quickly and without any fuss. Always check for a clear and thorough complaints policy.