Moving to a new home can be incredibly exciting, especially for younger members of the family. They may be mesmerised by the many boxes, big trucks, and the new house. It can be challenging to focus on the move when kids are running around the house and yard. Families can make it through the day with a little preparation.

Bring in Some Help

This is a great time to call on grandma. You can send the kids over to her house for a sleepover the night before. This ensures that you get an early start when your removal company arrives. If you have older children who want to be involved, you can hire a babysitter to come to your home and watch them while you tend to the responsibilities. This is a great way to make sure that the kids are safe with all the heavy moving equipment in use.


Parents know that children are often up at the crack of dawn, especially when there is a big event happening. The best home removals in Plymouth can be scheduled at a convenient time for you. If you know that your kids are going to be up with the sun, excited about the day, you may want to go ahead and get the move done early. This allows you to be available for their naps later or an early bedtime. Schedule early to get the time you desire.

  • Call ahead to get your optimal time
  • Work around your child’s schedule
  • Have everything set up before dinner time with removal and set up services

Your moving day can be perfectly smooth when you hire a service that has flexible hours. You can get some help with your kids, either away from home or on-site with you. Schedule the arrival of your moving truck to fit with your child’s schedule. This may be different for infants than it is for older kids. Moving day can be productive, educational, and fun when you experience it with kids.

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