Riptide Pools

Children are somewhat less discerning than adults when it comes to taking a dip. For children, any old body of water will do, whether it’s an inflatable backyard pool or even a muddy puddle, much to their parents (and laundry detergent manufacturers) delight. But as our sense of style evolves, unless it’s an unbearably hot day, any old body of water isn’t going to cut it anymore, and we want to swim in a pool that’s fun as well as aesthetically pleasing. But where are the best places to swim in style?

Riptide Pools

Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

The wonderful visual trickery of the infinity pool is well utilized at this Singapore resort. Featuring three towers of 57 floors each, the towers are connected at rooftop height by a 340-meter (1115 feet) platform, where you’ll find the amazing 150-meter (495 feet) pool. An infinity pool essentially has a hidden edge, and at this height it looks as though you can keep swimming right off the side of the building (but don’t worry, you won’t. The edge is hidden, but it’s there!).

Tropical Islands Resort, Krausnick, Germany

Parents and children alike will be happy that the plans to make the zeppelin popular again never worked out. German company CargoLifter attempted to mass-produce the zeppelin once again, and built the largest freestanding building in the world in order to do so. The company went bust in 2002, and the building was redeveloped into a massive indoor beach, complete with waves, palm trees and artificial sunlight. The centerpiece of the resort is a 4400 square meter (14,435 square feet) saltwater pool (an actual fake ocean), where the water is a balmy 28 °C/83°F.

Bondi Icebergs, Sydney, Australia

Named “icebergs” because the pool was constructed for lifeguards to maintain fitness in the winter months without having to go in the ocean (although a Sydney winter passes for summer in some countries). While the hordes might flock to nearby Bondi Beach, Icebergs is a beautiful pool for sedate lane swimming, constructed on an outcrop that extends into the Pacific Ocean. On a windy day, the waves can actually crash into the pool itself- but don’t worry; you won’t get pulled out to sea.

Holiday Inn (Pudong Kangqiao), Shanghai, China

While Holiday Inns generally can’t cut it alongside their five star counterparts, the Pudong Kangqiao branch in downtown Shanghai offers a truly unique hotel and swimming experience. Located on the 24th floor, the pool actually extends over the street, like a huge water filled balcony. This would be cool enough, however the pool also features a glass bottom, meaning you can swim and look down at the street, 24 floors beneath you. Nobody will judge you if you pretend to be Superman.

Piscines Bernat Picornell, Barcelona, Spain

While it’s essentially a city pool designated for public use, this pool on Montjuïc, overlooking Barcelona, boasts panoramic views that rival the best resorts in Europe. The swimming complex was built in 1970, but extensively redeveloped for the 1992 Summer Olympics. You might be familiar with the pool, as it’s the filming location for a number of advertisements as well as the music video for Slow by Kylie Minogue. The view is even better from the top of the high diving board… if you’re brave enough.