Home Improvements as Winter

When winter’s cold blast descends upon you and you face hosting numerous holiday parties in your home, you’ll have to make sure your house is ready to take on winter. Simple projects that take just 10 minutes can save you time, effort and money later down the road, especially in energy costs. Devote a few minutes to addressing some small home improvements right now that are easy and affordable.

Install a Smart Thermostat
If you have an old thermostat, it’s time for an update. Purchase and install one that is digital and programmable so you can keep your home at the perfect temperature day and night. Set the heat to go off when you want it, such as early in the morning, and down when you want it, such as when you’re at work all day. Don’t waste your money this winter and have heat on when it’s not necessary. Digital thermostats are available at any home improvement store and they can be installed quickly. This will help you save on your monthly energy bill.

Seal Windows and Doors to Keep the Draft Out
Because heat can easily escape through poorly-insulated windows and doors, you must take a few minutes each winter to walk around your home and find out where the leaks are. It’s easy to do. Once you find the leak, caulk it or use expanding foam to fill in any gaps, no matter how tiny they may be. Determine leaks by lighting a candle near the windows and doors – does the flame flutter? If so, there’s a leak, which in turn leads to heat loss, which in turn leads to higher energy bills for you. To save money and stay warmer in the winter, check the spaces around air vents, outlets and light switches to determine whether a small leak is letting cold air in. Whenever you’re doing work around the house, don’t wear your own good clothes. Instead, don employee work clothes that are more durable so you don’t have to worry about ruining your good pants and shirts.

Close off Doors and Vents That You Don’t Use
Walk around your home to assess which rooms you use frequently throughout the day and which ones you don’t. If you live in a large house, this is especially beneficial because there are many rooms that may not get use on a daily basis. If you’re heating the whole house, you’re wasting energy to heat those rooms for no reason. Simply shut the doors in these rooms (guest rooms, finished basements) and cut off heat to them if possible, such as by closing a vent if you have forced hot air. This leads to more even heat distribution so you can have warmth in the rooms that you spend the most time in, from the kitchen to living room to bedroom.

Home Improvements as Winter

Reverse Your Fans
Who knew the rotation of your ceiling fan blades made a difference? Hop up on a chair and switch the blades to the reverse direction. Most ceiling fans these days have this feature. Because warm air tends to rise, you can direct the warm air downward simply by turning the blade movement to clockwise as opposed to counter-clockwise.

Make Sure Your Security System is in Working Order
If your home features an outdoor wall-mounted surveillance camera to track visitors and protect your property, don’t neglect maintenance on this crucial piece of equipment. You’ll need to ensure the cameras are working properly and secured to the home tightly. Winter storms with wind and sleet can do a number on any cameras mounted to your home. It’s easy for your camera to shift in hard winds, so before winter hits, get up on a ladder and make sure the camera is secure. If it’s off kilter or wobbly, tighten the screws.

Making sure your home is ready for winter is crucial. If you own your own business and help homeowners with their home improvements, invest in cheap embroidered workwear for yourself and the people who work for you.