A dining room table can make or break the look and feel or you dining room and can complete the look you’ve been dreaming of.

The possibilities can seem endless. Do you want a traditional table? Do you want a circular shape, rectangle or even a buffet? Below you’ll find practical advice on how to find a dining table in Dayton.

Who is Eating at Your Table?

One of the first things to consider is the people who will be utilizing your dining room table. The table needs to have the adequate space for your family but still allow room to walk around it. Houzz says that your table needs to be at least 36 inches wide to accommodate place settings and food.

Is Your Table Your Primary Eating Space

Another thing to consider is whether your dining room table is your primary and every-day place to eat or if it is only used for special occasions.

For an every-day option, consider something like this Chile Adjustable Bar Table from Morris Home Furnishings in Dayton. It’s practical and small, but still stylish.

For a more formal option, try the Bakersfield Dining Table from Morris Home Furnishings.
Keep Shape In Mind

First, know your space. Most designers recommend that you have 42-48 inches of space between the table and the edge of the adjoining walls to have the most comfortable space for you, your family and your guests.

If you’re more of a classics kind of person, look for tables that are rectangular or round. Round tables promote conversation and are great space savers. They are also great for seating six people or less.

For a more contemporary look, go for a square table. Square tables are also great for tables that need to be versatile in their use. However, they aren’t as friendly for people looking to serve more than six at a time. Four is usually the most comfortable.

Current Trends & Your Style

Two things to consider when considering a dining room table in Dayton is your own style as well as current trends. What is the theme of your dining room and what is your style? This will help you know what to look for and what type of table you will love long term.

One of the hottest trends to consider is the use of salvaged wood for your dining table. It’s also an eco-conscious choice for the green-minded.

Complimenting the Table you Choose

When considering a table, also keep in mind items that you will need to compliment it such as lighting and seating.

Try out chairs and various seating options with a table before deciding on your final purchase. You may find a table you love, but if you can’t find seating that fits your space and style then it’s a pointless purchase!

Chandeliers and lighting can also be an integral part of a complimentary piece to your table. Do you need an accent light? Do you have an overhead light that will do? These are also important things to consider during your purchase.