When one embarks on home improvement work, one of the main problems lies in a choice: that of the artisan to whom one will entrust his projects.

The work can indeed quickly become a nightmare when torque to the wrong door. Also, it is a question of never choosing his service provider quickly. Who has never seen a report where a dispute erupted and blocked the site? These situations are, of course, extreme but they have a common morality, to the emergency always prefer the caution!

Honey Doers gives you 8 keys that will allow you to select your next craftsman in all serenity.

1. Operate your network

Very often, word of mouth is the best prescriber when it comes to working. Who better than a trusted person in your circle to reassure you about the reliability of a craftsman? So do not hesitate to talk about your project around you in order to make you recommend a skilled craftsman.

2. Meet providers found on the Internet

Organizing an interview with providers that you would have found following internet searches is essential. Ask questions and be curious. It is by speaking and exposing your project with the craftsman that you will be able to see if it is trustworthy and if it can meet your needs and expectations.

3. Choose a legitimate business

The reputation of a company in a region makes it legitimate. Two ways to get an idea: visit the company’s website and look for customer reviews. There is also the registration to the repertoire of the trades which allows the craftsman to be recognized by the State for his activity. This registration is compulsory for self-employed persons who do not employ more than ten employees and offer service, production or manufacturing services in the field of crafts. So, if this number or the SIRET number is not on the papers provided by the craftsman, you will know that it is better to be wary of them.

4. Choose a craftsman with compulsory insurance

Although the thing looks natural, it is always interesting to ask the craftsman to present you his guarantee elements. And the most important is professional liability insurance (covering in case of an accident on the site), and the ten-year guarantee. The latter provides you with a serene after-sales service covering all damage that could occur up to ten years after the completion of the work.

5. Requesting references

Nothing better to form an opinion than to judge for oneself. This mantra also applies to the choice of your craftsman. The trusted craftsmen will not hesitate to show you work done beforehand. To complete this first vision, ask to contact former customers. References of the quality of the craftsman’s work, they will allow you to project you with him.

6. Compare quotes

The rule is that before any final decision on works, an individual asks for at least three estimates. This allows you, beyond the price, to study the solutions proposed by each craftsman. If the task can seem tedious, it should not be neglected because the quote takes the form of a contract once signed. Do not hesitate to clarify the shadow areas it may involve with the craftsman, these are the details that can help your full understanding of the document.

7. Do not pay the full amount

In order not to risk seeing a misleading craftsman go after the delivery of your check, agree on the “split” over time the payment of the work. A first installment once the estimate is signed, a second one more important once the work is delivered, and 10% retained for 3 months after the completion of the work. These 3 months are the time necessary to see any problems in the realizations appear. Holding a last part of the sum will give you a final asset in case of necessary modifications. Attention, although very clever, this practice is very marginal and still difficult to obtain. Each has to negotiate with its provider.

8 – Make a table for the progress of the project
Another trick to make home improvement an easy task is to make a progress table. This table will help you make sense of what’s going on. With the help of your advisor, create a chart of progress work with an online time chart. If you are able to keep up with the progress chart that suits the online time card, you will most likely achieve your goals within the time limit set in the budget. Overtime means more money. You will not want to go out with an extra cost, right?

By following these tips to make home improvement an easy task, you will have more confidence and find it much more convenient and less complicated. You will save time, money and transform your home into a dream home.

To remember

When you embark on a project with a craftsman or home improvement service provider, you must never forget the human side of the process. An artisan is the promise of a relationship of proximity and trust.

Today, Honey Doers wants to offer you a solution combining all the above steps. Prescriber, commercial and pledge of confidence, we undertake to offer you work in all serenity.