Compared with the rural children, the urban children lost a lot of chances for more fun. What they most do for entertain are connected with the electronics. What if the world were without these machines? I bet they would go crazy, for they cannot get harmony with the natural world. I always recall my childhood times with my children, which was totally different from the modern children’s lives and they love them very much, though sometimes a little bit crazy. Why not create more entertain opportunities for them and change this for a little. Here are some tips for this in children’s room decoration.

First, design a place in your garden for children

The best way to let the children throw the electronics and willing to go outside for fun is to create the environment for them. The first place I can think of is the garden place, no matter for the front or back garden. You may build a shelter by plants so that children can play in it. The hid and seek games is not only confined in homes. You can create place for them outside the rooms. Or reserve a place for them to do the artificial cooking so that they can learn the life stuff one by one and share with their companies.

Second, place the raw materials instead of toys for children

If you buy too much toys and electronics for your children, it may have a crippling effect on your children’s imagination. Though the salesman tell you many advantages of the toys for the children, nothing is better than thinking and imagining these by themselves. You may put some raw materials in your home or garden for children to play. At first, they may do not like them. You may give them some instructions and set examples. Practice makes perfect.

Third, encourage collection from the nature for children

Children are always fond of showing off collections to their friends. Your home may do not have so many natural resources and space for children. But you are available to go to the nature for once or twice a month. Bring your children and encourage them to do collections in the nature. They will bring them to the urban homes and study on them, which is a good way for them to learn more about the nature.

Forth, leave children more private space

Maybe, at first, children are shying to show their works or make creations. Leave some private space for them and let them think and do it by themselves, which is helpful to cultivate their imagination and independent ability for the future character.

Besides these above ways, you may spend some thoughts on children’s room decoration. The nursery wall decals are a good way to cultivate their imagination and creative if you use it properly.

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