The need for sleek and easy to operate devices is paramount in commercial properties. Property owners are always on the lookout for equipment and techniques which are functional and can make their life easier. Operable walls are one such invention which has been quite popular for a long time and is recognised for the convenience and ease it offers.

These are large mechanical walls which offer an ideal solution to divide an open space without causing any permanent barriers. The reason behind this is that these walls are movable and can be stacked on sides when there is need to utilise the entire space. Meeting rooms, offices, schools, etc. are some common places where the use of such walls can be seen. Their appealing appearance and ease of use makes them a worthwhile investment. However, paying attention to their regular upkeep and maintenance is important to enhance their life span and keep enjoying their benefits for a long time.

First and foremost step is to train everyone about the right use of these walls. As mentioned above, these are mechanical devices and their functioning should be understood well in order to operate them properly and avoid irregular wear. Opening and closing the wall in a careless manner can cause damage to it and lead to various problems. Therefore, it is crucial to either give this task to only a few authorised and well trained people or make everyone aware of its functioning to avoid facing any issues later on.

Usually commercial property owners install these walls and do not pay much attention to them afterwards. Lack of timely maintenance can gradually deteriorate their condition and can cause aesthetic and functional issues. Therefore it is suggested to ensure regular maintenance of operable wall from time to time. The service of these walls can be scheduled as well by getting in touch with a professional company which can send their personnel for the inspection and maintenance of walls at regular intervals.

If the operable wall installed in your office is giving constant problems, then it could be time for a thorough inspection. This is because reoccurring problems can point towards an underlying issue detecting which might not be possible otherwise. For example, if some part of the wall gets damaged or breaks frequently, then it could be due to improper measurement or installation of the wall, which should be rectified as soon as possible to avoid any major issue later on.

Besides calling up the professionals for the maintenance of operable wall, it is also suggested to adopt a few simple steps which can improve the functionality and durability of these walls. For example, the tracks should be cleaned and lubricated so that the movement of wheel bearings becomes smooth. Similarly, cleaning and adjusting the intersections can help in improving the movement of panels.

Offering ease of mobility and functionality, the demand for operable walls is increasing day by day. However, it should also be remembered that timely inspection and regular maintenance, with professional help, is the key to keep these walls functioning properly without causing any hassle.