child friendly home

Having children comes with a host of responsibilities and duties that are seemingly endless. Somewhere in the midst of these obligations and tasks, is the need to make your home child-friendlier. Making a home child friendly is something that can require a complete home revamp. Here are some basic but effective tips to help you.

child friendly home


The key to making your home child friendly is to leave no potential health hazard that could harm or hurt your child. This means taking cautions and a thorough at things that could be potentially harmful just to be completely safe.

A door is a good example. This might seem absurd thinking that a door can be a hazard, but 30,000 children in the UK seriously injure or trap their fingers in doors annually, according to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA). Such a risk can be countered through the installation of protection strips on the front and back hinges. Rubber stoppers can also be fitted into doors to prevent them from slamming shut.

Cupboards and drawers should also have safety catches fitted on them to prevent children opening them by themselves and causing injury.


One of the more obvious safety hazards is the electrics within households. All sockets should be covered, while appliance cords and lighting should always be out of reach from children. The best way to prevent this becoming an issue with young children is to use trusted suppliers such as Lampcommerce. Cords connected to appliances should also be well hidden.


The main precaution to take with stairs is installing a safety gate at the top and bottom to prevent toddlers from trying to climb them without assistance. This can consequently lead to falls and injuries.

Medicines, Creams, Detergents, Drugs

It goes without saying that any substances that are harmful to children should be kept in places completely out of the reach of children. Medicine in particular should be kept well hidden, as young children are known to put whatever is in sight into their little mouths!


You should aim to have as much natural and artificial lighting seeping throughout your house as possible. This ensures your toddler doesn’t bump into anything and that there is enough lighting in the house for you to always remain aware. A type of lighting that can help in this situation is the Artemide range.


It goes without saying that any potential fire hazards should be eliminated. If the fire is necessary – such as in circumstances where you have a barbeque going – then you should invest in a fireguard and be sure to never let your toddler in distance of a naked flame without supervision.

Windows and Patio Doors

Windows often overlook when attempting to childproof our homes. Be sure that your windows are not too easy to open and that there is nothing directly beside or underneath the window that a toddler can use to access it.

Patio doors should contain stickers on them so that your child is better aware of their presence, and doesn’t run into them.


If you have a garden with a pond, you should put fencing around so that children do not fall into it.

Lay a Lawn

Grass is simply much safer for children to play on than concrete. With the right turf, the task of laying a new lawn will be very straightforward.



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