You see whole of the world going eco-friendly. Well, it’s not just that it’s in the trend but there’s something about greenery, non-toxic air, and clean water that’s just very attractive. Apart from all the campaigns and meetings that keep on taking place in your colony and neighbourhood. One should start from their own kitchen and its backyard. Kitchen is the powerhouse and the main component of a house.

Tips to make your modular kitchen greener

  1. Go for long-lasting and durable cookware: These are the kind of dishes and cookware that your grandmother would love and appreciate. Though now they are not manufactured the way they used to be earlier. But, iron and stainless steel cookware still have a much longer shelf- life than other options available. These are much better than non- stick ware and suit much more in the modular kitchens in Bangalore.
  2. Choose your appliances cautiously: You might come across many energy friendly and energy saving appliances. These are like a double saving for both your wallet as well as the environment. Just make sure that you buy long- lasting and good quality products. If you’re planning to dispose old appliances, then you can also try to find someone who have exchange offer going on and you can exchange your old appliances with the new modern ones.
  3. Go for Energy-efficient cooking: Many of you might not know, but the pressure cooker is a very great energy saver in the kitchen. So, having a pressure cooker in your kitchen is a must. But, it’s not the only way to cut down the usage of fuel. One can do so much by adding certain things to their diet. Add raw foods, salads and cold food to your diet so save energy and also prefer slow cooking. Slow cooking is great when it comes to economising fuel usage.
  4. Don’t forget the garbage issue: Kitchen is without any doubt, the biggest and largest waste producer of our home. So keeping large bins and black poly bags to keep the garbage is a great idea. Also, one can opt for recycling and turn organic waste to compost. Also try avoiding using plastics and disposable materials.
  5. Trying growing things out of some of the things you eat: If you have a backyard or a room for a kitchen garden, try making the most use of it. There are many things that you can grow in there- be it vegetables or herbs and these won’t require that much space too. These are very easy to grow too. Some of the herbs that you can grow easily are oregano, mint and basil. Some of the vegetables that you can grow in the backyard or even in a box are tomatoes, onions and garlic.

All the ideas mentioned above can be of a great help to you and also will help you in giving a new shape and size to your kitchen. Apart from using these eco- friendly ideas, one can always opt for a brand that can turn your kitchen into something new that related to you. One such brand is Plusch living that provides you with technical experts and designers to take care of your needs and provide you with high- quality materials for luxury kitchens Bangalore and modular kitchens in Bangalore.