Packing Things Effectively

People who are moving to a new place need to feel at home. Experts who have moved several times have a list of things to do first. They make sure to ask their mover to put their children’s stuff nearest the front of the van when the van leaves so that they can be the first things they take out. If your mover is North American Van Lines, they will try to do everything they can to make your move just as effortless as you need it.

Putting the Kids First

They love their toys and unique playthings, and when they are happy, it makes everyone happy as well. Secondly, her husband asked the moving company to make sure that the items that go in the closet are near the front also. He says that one of the worst things about moving into a new place is not knowing where your best shoes, ties, and jackets are located when you are ready to dress for work. That makes him feel at home.

Create Familiar Sounds

This tip was used plenty of times by veterans returning home, and it makes them feel at home again. They like to hear familiar sounds they recognize. It could be putting on old family movies that were filmed years ago or the recordings of Christmas carols that were sung by the whole family. There is so much packed into old memories, and memories are often associated with experiences of sounds and activities.

Display Familiar Sights

Bring out the photobooks, the albums of the kids growing up, framed pictures hung on the fireplace of granddad and granny by their log cabin in Kentucky. It might be photos of the boys in their football uniforms before their first game in high school.

Hang Familiar Pictures

Pictures like this not only bring back old memories but act as a “family blessing” on the house and are sometimes the first acts of accepting your new home and moving on into a new era for the family. You can’t take the cherry tree that you left back home in the back yard, but you can put the picture of your family’s last picnic in the backyard as a reminder of how much your family has grown. A bit of nostalgia is an excellent beginning to a new environment you will soon call home.

Choosing New Furniture

Celebrate the new furniture with a short break and christen the new surroundings with a bottle of apple cider or punch and cookies before returning to the unpacking. You have already spent so much time and effort in choosing furniture, so now is an excellent time to celebrate it with the rest of the family.

Becoming a Home Decorator

Now that you are masters of your new home, make some changes that remind you of your home. It could be a simple thing like changing the furniture around the widescreen TV like at your old home or putting your favorite stack of reading books in the den where you often spent reading. You are your own home decorator, and you can celebrate that joy especially now you have your dream home.

Cook a Home Meal

Cook your first home meal for the family in your new home as soon as you can. There is nothing that will settle everyone in with one of their “favorite meals” from their “favorite cook.” Whether it is Mom or Dad, the meal is often the center of the family. The family meal is a tradition in families, and it brings the family together. The family has a chance to share their favorite part of the move and what they look forward.

Have a Good Conversation Over a Meal

The kids may talk about the new school they hope to visit soon, and maybe the boys will want to check out the skateboard park or the ski lift if there is one in town. Whatever the conversation turns around, it is a chance to experience your first meal together and is another special moment to accepting your new home and its surroundings. Ask the movers to put all your special spices and seasonings, plates, and kitchen things near the front of the moving vehicle. Of course, you marked them and put them in one those boxes marked “kitchen,” didn’t you?

Watch a movie together

After all the unpacking is done and everyone has celebrated with a delicious meal, watch an old family movie together. Fox and the Hound, Monster U, or Penguins of Madagascar are favorite movies, but you can choose whatever the family will enjoy. Watching something entertaining and fun together will allow the family to sink in their new home together.

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