If you are moving into New York City or away to another state, there are many reputable New York based moving companies to choose from.

Logistical concerns

No matter whether it is into or out of, the logistical concerns are still the same. You need to research the company that you are going to use. Make certain you are using a reputable NYC based moving company. Because New York City is so large there are hundreds of companies and you still have the same questions on what company gives you the best value for your money.

List of movers

The first thing that you need to do is find the NYC based moving company you want to use; you can ask family or friends what company they used when they last moved. After you get a start on a list of companies, you will need to research all of them before you make a final decision on what company to use.

Have the right licensing and insurance

If you are making a long distance move, you will need to check to ensure that the NYC based moving company you are considering has a license from the “Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration” or FMCSA. This is part of the federal government that regulates the residential moving and trucking industries. They are the ones that create and make sure their laws and regulations for long distance moving company are being followed. You will need to research each company you are thinking about using and the first item to research is does the company have the proper insurance and licensing. Even if they do have the correct documentation it still is important to review records on performance including complaint and accident reports on the USDOT website.

Due diligence

You need to do due diligence on the company. That means doing research on how honest they are and if they have any complaints on social media or filed with the Better Business Bureau. Due diligence is a term used in investment – it usually means getting a good value for your money. And after all that what we all are looking for in any of our business concerns.


If you visit the website of the companies that you are researching they will usually have reviews of past clients. If these are reputable reviews, they will have a way to contact these past clients and chat with them about what they think of the company their review was on. Some of these questions should include:

  • What did you like most about the movers;
  • What was something that you wish they didn’t do;
  • Do they have good customer service;
  • Do they do all the packing or at least have that option;
  • Will they come out to your home before they make an estimate;
  • Can you pack belongings and then fly out prior to the movers coming;
  • Does it cost less if you rent a truck, pack it and drive it on your own.

When you are ready to talk with the NYC based moving company about your upcoming move, you need to be ready for that conversation. You need to have your list of questions for the moving company ready. The tone of this conversation will give you some idea on what type of company they are and do they really want this business you are offering. It will also go a long ways in you being able to that kind of customer service they have.

Binding estimate

You need to get what is called a binding estimate from each of these companies as that will include all expected costs and offer a guarantee that there are no hidden fees. To get this type of estimate you will need to let the mover come to your home to see the amount of furniture that you have. You will need to give them the address you are moving too, the size of the new house (how many bedrooms). Also are there any stairs at the new location and other information they might ask for. It also will help if you have some pictures of the interior of the new home as that will give the mover some idea of the work it will involve.

Extra charges that you need to be certain are included in your binding estimate should include:

  • Charges for stairs
  • Charges for long carry
  • Charges for appliances
  • Charges for storage
  • Charges for fuel
  • Charges for extremely heavy or awkward item

Very important

Make certain you are talking with the company and not a broker. Brokers in the moving field will match clients with companies. Brokers often talk a good deal but bear in mind a broker cannot offer you a ‘binding estimate’ and is also not responsible for damage or loss. If any mover or broker tries to give you a “binding quote” over the phone you need to just move on to your next company on your list.

Important questions

Other questions that are important to get answers for include:

  • Will items be moved (which happens often with long hauls) to different truck? This additional handling has the risks of damages going up.
  • Forms of payment – don’t hire movers if they only accept cash;
  • Type of insurance included in your quote – can a client get more;
  • Process for broken or damaged items and process of who’s responsible.


A long distance move may be one of the most stressful events in you and your family’s life. Just think about this – packing, loading and then transporting your entire life using a moving company to in some cases several states over will take an emotional and physical toll on people. Hiring the right company can go a long way to ease that stress.

Moving with pets

Moving is not just stressful for members of your family – it is also stressful on the family pets. They will need extra attention to make certain they are reassured during a move. You should make a stop at your vets especially if your pet will be flying. Airlines and some states require a health certificate signed from the vet. If you are moving to another state, check early to see what the requirements for animal import are.