Do face problems when cleaning your home surfaces? Nasiol products will help make your home cleaning easier. Below are some tips about some Nano protection sprays from the Nasiol site that will help you improve your home cleaning. You can’t afford to miss this information!

  1. Home Care Set Nano protection for wood, glass and textiles

It is a nano protection kit used for all surfaces. This home care kit, which is complete and comprehensive will help you anybody that comes to your home (family or guests) admire your cleaning skills. Below are tips that you will use to achieve the a clean house;

  • Start your surface cleaning with Nasiol Clean which helps in removing superior stains and residue, leaving your surface looking nice and having a brand new look.
  • Then, use Homoshine to clean, polish and to protect ceramic and glass surfaces in your home. After doing this, you can be assured that no smudges or any smudge-proof will be left behind.
  • Restore and protect your fabrics from stains and any damage with HomeTex.

You should not have to keep on worrying about how you will manage to clean dirt and stains at home; home is meant to be a haven. Home is a place where memories and happiness are made and not a place to stay stressed. Nasiol Home Care set is there to relieve you from dirt and stain stress at home.

  1. Hometex Textile nano protection

It helps in protecting your fabrics and makes them both water and stain proof. It contains Homoshine that provides hydrophohic coating and Easy Clean effect. Hometex textile nano protection, protects your textiles from daily risks of stain and water damage. It is ideal for use on carpets, seat upholstery, curtains, rugs and many more. It helps you avoid panicking whenever wine or food spills on sofa or on carpet. It protects your textile prints and dyes from fading.

  1. Clean clean universal cleaner before nano coatings

It helps in wiping away clean before nano protection. It is a spray that is used to clean hard surfaces by removing;

  • Dust, grease, dirt and grime without getting tired.
  • All the residue of any previous products.

Nasiol Clean is used for cleaning surfaces before you apply Nasiol Nano products. In order to get the best results, it is recommended that you use Nasiol Clean to clean your home surfaces.

  1. Homewood wooden nano protection

Homewood usually prolong the lifetime anything that made from wood in your home (wooden home, garden furniture, doors, windows), by protecting them from water damage or stains. It helps in;

  • Restoring and preserving the appearance of your wooden furnishings’ as if there is no time that has passed from the time they were bought or installed.
  • It does not alter the grain of the wood, hence the original appearance of your wooden furniture remain true.
  • It contains hydrophobic and oleo phobic which are water and oil repellent.
  • Helping you have no worries when pets, kids or any person becomes careless with your wooden furniture or surfaces when it is party time.

It should be applied in an area that is well-ventilated. The area should be clean and dry. It should be sprayed until it becomes slightly wet, that is around 160-220 times per square.

  1. Homeshine ceramic and glass nano protection

It is the best solution when it comes to preventing hard water strain. It protects the bathroom and the kitchen surfaces that are glass and ceramic, by making them resist damaging after use. It gives a cleaning effect that is easy.

  • Helps you to easily wipe off smudges on windows and mirrors.
  • It does not require scrubbing; a splash of water can make your bathroom clean again.
  • Cleaning your kitchen after baking will take minutes and note hours.