Hot Tubs

Hot tubs are both luxurious and beneficial to health in many ways. However, it needs to be maintained well so that it exhibits optimum performance. There are various types of hot tubs in Wisconsin which can be bought at affordable price rates.

Both hot tubs and spas heat water and this usually increases the electric bills. One of the best ways to reduce the escalating electric bills is to conserve heat as much as possible. Most of the modern hot tubs and spas include well-insulated shell which helps to retain the heat within. However, heat is lost through the roof of the hot tubs. Heat leaks are bound to occur at the hinge folds if the spa cover is deteriorated.

Different Methods to Reduce Power Consumption

There are different methods which can be utilized to retain the heat in the hot tubs and save electric consumption.

Thermostat settings: Majority of the latest spas and hot tubs are set at a particular temperature. In most cases, this temperature may be quite high. It can be lowered to save the consumption of electric power. More energy is often used to heat the hot tubs beyond the required level.

Vacation mode: Turning down the thermostat while vacationing is another way to reduce the consumption of electric power. The heater can be turned off or the thermostat can be set at the lowest levels during summer seasons. However, it is quite important to maintain a minimum level of temperature during winter seasons to prevent the pipes and pumps from freezing. Nevertheless, the heaters can be switched off if the spa is winterized.

Hot Tubs

Timer: Use timer switches on the hot tubs which automatically shut down the heater when the hot tubs have attained a stipulated level of temperature. In the absence of timer switches, the hot tubs heat endlessly which results in wastage of energy and electric consumption.

Create windbreaks: One of the best ways to obtain privacy and reduce the consumption of electric power is by creating a windbreak by planting shrubs, fencing and privacy panels. Loss of heat can be reduced to a great extend by cutting the exposure to wind.

Off-peak hours: Use hot tubs Appleton and spas during non-peak hours when the demand is quite low. This helps to save power consumption. Well-insulated hot tubs can be heated during off –peak hours so that it maintains the temperature for many hours even when the heater is switched off.

Spas with air blower motors also consume huge amounts of electric power. It lowers the temperature of the spa water causing even more wastages. The Masterspa in Appleton offers a range of the latest varieties of spas and hot tubs with energy efficient features and benefits at reasonable prices.

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