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When you need to move due to job relocation, or because you’re downsizing after your children have grown and moved out, sorting and packing your possessions can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, with these tips, you can make the job of packing for removals in Sydney much easier.

Sydney Removalist

Create Piles

When you’re going through your closets, cabinets and garage to pack for your move, you will want to create different piles for your possessions. If you’ve lived in your home for several years, you will find many items that you won’t need or want. Creating separate piles for them will help you determine what should be packed by Better Home removals.

You will want to create piles to:

  • Give away
  • Recycle
  • Throw away
  • Sell
  • Pack

Give Away

When sorting through your children’s rooms or their old possessions, you may find clothes, furniture and toys that are still in good condition. If your children do not need or want these items, give them to friends or charities that can distribute them to those in need. You may also have clothes that you can no longer wear that are still in good condition and in style that others can use, so consider giving them to charities to distribute or sell in their stores to raise money.


You need to recycle what you can when you come across things you don’t want and that are not in good condition. Find places to take old electronics to be recycled, so they don’t end up in landfills and become potential biohazards. Gather old chemicals like pesticides, fertilisers, antifreeze and oil to take to companies or recycling centres that will accept and get rid of them safely.

Throw Away

There will be things that you cannot salvage, so you need to throw them away. If you have old documents, especially bank or tax records, shred them before tossing them out to keep them out of the hands of unscrupulous people. Break down what you can to make it easier to throw things away, and to give you more room in the trash as you clear out your house.


If you have nice items that you don’t want to give away or pack for removals in Sydney, consider having a moving sale. Price your items reasonably so you are not stuck with anything you are trying to get rid of. Any leftovers you have at the end of the sale can have their prices reduced, or they can be given away.


After sorting through everything and putting items in their appropriate piles, you should be left with the things you want to take to your new home. Be sure to label the boxes so the removalists from Better Home removals know which room they go in. Sorting through everything in this manner will make it easier to pack, and to dispose of things you won’t have a use for in your new place.