An air compressor performs one simple, basic but very useful task. That is to collect air from the environment and store it in a compressed form in a storage tank designated for it.

From this storage tank, air can be let out controllably through a valve in order to do different forms of work. The most common use around the home is to fill up car tires, matrasses and football.

It can also be used for doing work and operating pneumatic tools such as nail guns, die grinders, sanders and many other pneumatic tools that require air to operate. Anything that requires pressurized air can be operated using an air compressor.

If you’re reading this, then you probably have an air compressor and you’re think about how to keep it in good working condition when you’re not using it, or when it’s not functioning.

That is very thoughtful of you because, having an air compressor is one thing. Keeping it in good working condition is another thing which is very important.

So, here is what you need to do to store your air compressor when you don’t have any present use for it.

The first thing you need to do in order to store your air compressor is to clear out a storage space for it. You need to designate a particular place for the air compressor, and clear every other stuff from that spot.

Also, make sure the place you’ve designated to store your air compressor is not under direct sunlight as this might damage your compressor in the long run.

Try to also make a platform for the air compressor using wood pallet or anything, just to make sure the air compressor is not in contact with the ground. This will ensure that moisture does not come in contact with it, which might damage it.

Once your storage space is ready, you need to turn off your air compressor if you’ve not already done that before, and unplug it from the wall outlet it was plugged into. You must not store your air compressor, with it plugged into a power outlet. Disconnect any tool that is still connected to the air compressor.

The next thing you need to do now is to drain the air compressor. If there is any compressed air still left inside the tank of the air compressor, this is where you let it out. You don’t need to store air inside your air compressor if you’re not going to use it immediately.

This is because the compressed air inside the tank contains moisture. And we all know what moisture or water does to iron. It causes it to rust. So, unless you want your compressor tank to rust from the inside, you need to let that compressed air out by opening the drainage valve.

Now, trust me, you don’t want to open it all the way the first time, due to the force of air coming out of the valve. You need to open it halfway to reduce the pressure and force of the air, then you go on and open it fully.

Allow all the air to come out, and wait till all the condensed liquid inside the compressor also comes out. Then you can close the drainage valve and keep the air compressor in the storage area you created for it.

Now, your air compressor will be in good condition and will be ready for use whenever you need it for any other of your projects.