Mint green

Today’s modern kitchens call for chic designs, innovative color palettes, and top-notch appliances. Updating your cooking space every once in a while is an excellent way of bringing it back to life. Still, not everyone can spend thousands of dollars on a complex remodeling process. Sometimes, repainting your cabinets is everything you need to make a kitchen look vibrant, classy, and energetic. Are you ready for a change? Painting kitchen cabinets has never been easier, so as long as you keep a color balance the end result will make you want to cook all day long.

1. Mint green

Mint green

Most kitchens are white to make them look spacious and airy. Did you ever think of changing things up a bit? Adding a pop of color won’t narrow your space down, and as long as you opt for light shades for your cabinets, the wow effect is assured. Mint green is the color of the year for kitchens. It blends smoothly with the white walls, and it completely changes a boring space you’ve been having for years. There’s nothing wrong with adding some innovation to your cooking area every now and then; painting your wooden cabinets is a cheap way of making a kitchen look classy and chic. To balance the color, feel free to include additional pops of color, bolder ones like cherry-red, yellow, even blue.

2. Contrast colors

Adding a bit of drama to your kitchen will certainly make cooking more pleasant. If you’re ingenious enough to take things to the next level, contrast the white colors of your cabinets with black. Dark-stained cabinets will make your space look chic and modern, not to mention that your daily activities will become a lot more pleasurable. The black & white combination will provide cohesiveness to your kitchen, and it will be dramatic enough for your family to adore it.

3. The all white effect – glass cabinets

The all-white effect can make a kitchen look extravagant, luxurious, and modern. Increasingly more homeowners are looking to make their cooking spaces seem out of the ordinary, so the all-white effect will surely wow your friends and family. It’s best to have your kitchen painted in white, light beige, or lemon. The same goes for the wooden cabinets. Add proper lighting and you’ll provide your kitchen with a gold-like appeal. If your cabinets have glass windows, the contents of your cabinets should also have a neutral color to balance the effect.

4. Reverse painting

You recently decided to paint your kitchen cabinets, but you just noticed the white is just too perfect. How can you paint a cabinet without actually painting it? It might sound like a strange statement, but it’s not. You can always play with your cabinet, especially if we’re talking about a glass-type cupboard. Rather than paint the exterior, an original idea would be to paint the back. Think of a popping color that will reflect beautifully through the glass and you’ll love your new kitchen design.

5. Color-blocking ideas

A light-colored kitchen doesn’t necessarily call for light shades to make it look modern, on the contrary. Did you ever think of color-blocking your cooking space? Paint your cabinets in a rather deep color such earthy- brown and leave the walls bright yellow. The change will be huge, yet you’ll adore the effect. Make sure you have a dominant palette for the brown to be more visible. For example, you are advised to keep the floor white, as well as part of the walls. Try not to mix too many colors, and stay with a pattern. Earthy-brown is an excellent nuance because it makes a space seem classy and brand-new.  Soon enough even washing the dishes will make you feel relaxed in your new kitchen area.

Painting kitchen cabinets is not rocket science as long as you know what you want. It’s certainly a better alternative to buying new cabinets, not to mention that it’s cheaper. There are so many ideas you can use to repaint your wooden cabinets, that you’ll want to re-do it again and again to keep the space fresh. Regardless of the color palette you’re about to decide on, just remember the golden rule: paint carefully for that flawless end result.