It is okay to want space either at home or at work. There are lots of options to pick from: renovating an old apartment or paying rents for a new room. Although these options are great and effective, it might be quite expensive.

An alternative is self-storage unit, easily affordable, both individuals and businesses can make use of it for safekeeping of their assets and belongings in a safe location, far away from the damaging environment.

Although self-storage unit is really a safe choice when trying to cut cost, that isn’t the only reason why the number of people using self-storage unit has increased lately. Majority of individuals looking to get an extension makes use of it to get the desired space.

5 Reason Why People Choose a Self-storage Unit

1. Renovating Your Existing Home

It’s ideal to want to make some modifications to your existing home – additional room, or reconstructing a leaky roof. During the renovation, your carpet, furniture, clothes, and appliances are at risk. Improper management of household materials can lead to their damage by dust or building debris.

At such times when you have the modifications started, you need a temporary shelter for your belongings or assets in either your home or office, this is where self-storage unit becomes a solution.

After you have finally got your existing home fully renovated to what you envisaged, it easy to return your protected belongings back into their old or new location.

2. Moving to a New Home

This is usually hectic and time-consuming, the process – selling up and moving to your new location – takes longer than 24 hrs.

It’s always annoying and stressing when things don’t go as planned like the new house isn’t yet available, and you don’t have a plan B. Sadly, you have your belongings packed, ready to move.

Here is where self-storage unit helps, it holds your belongings until such bad times are over.

3. Moving away from a Relationship

At some point, some individuals decide to break cohabitation. This relationship usually involves one member needs to leave (legally or not).

During this breakup, one might be required to move as immediate as possible. In the process, time might not be sufficient to completely relocate all your belongings immediately.

There is a need for proper safekeeping of belongings that cannot be moved now, any valuable belongings of yours can be secured using self-storage unit.

4. A Safe Location for Equipment

This is always beneficial to both individuals and businesses who have equipment used periodically (seasonal bases). This equipment (garden tool, camping gear, Christmas lightning and much more) should be kept safely, so they clutter our homes throughout the year.

Self-storage unit helps get this seasonal equipment safely stowed away during a period where they are not needed.

It can also help in getting a certain class of vehicles which might not be in use for a while, safely protected using self-storage unit.

5. Simply Running Out of Space

Sometimes our belongings might outgrow our home and office space. Self-storage unit is an economical option to securely store away the additional belongings.

Some of our belongings are old or don’t wish to see them, such belongings can easily be kept to avoiding cluttering since we desire not to lose them completely.


It’s a wise choice to make use of self-storage unit, it provides you with security and space you need. However, they come in different sizes and rental contract. If looking for the perfect self-storage unit for belonging, Nanack, Inc provides you with all services in relation to that.