Roofs are an important part of a building. Roof not only projects the outer aesthetic looks but also shields it from the external harsh environment. Although a roof can have a life of 20 to 50 years, there are several factors that can impede its life.

There are many local roofing companies that can help you in fixing your roof, in case of a severe damage. But it is important that you know the factors that can potentially damage your roof long before you expected. Following are some of these factors:

  1. Trees: There are many advantages of having a tree in your compound like getting the shade and the fresh air. Nevertheless, one cannot undermine the damage trees can cause to your roof. Whether it is the storm or the branches falling, your roof is bound to get affected. Besides, if there’s a branch that is too close to your roof, it will rub against the roof causing it potential damage.

Even if there’s no storm or heavy winds, the branches of the tree can become weak due to aging or a tree disease. This can make them break and fall over your roof. These branches also provide an easy way for birds, squirrels, and animals to get access of your roof. These creatures can create holes on your roof and make a home for themselves.

  1. Moss: Moss burgeon well on the roof in humid and rainy conditions. Many homeowners ignore them thinking it to harmless. But this is a misconception, moss usually weakens the roof and put it on the verge of a collapse. It is thus very important to get rid of them before it becomes a big problem. They can grow very fast and can cover a large area within a week.

Moss can also make it easy for water to get collected on the roof. This can lead to the growth of mold which once enters your home, can be very difficult to remove. Mold can be very dangerous for the health of the people residing in the house.

  1. Algae: When the weather gets warm, there’s a risk of algae growth on roofs. Even though they are less detrimental to the roof, they can still make your roof weak. One easy way to avoid algae growth is by spraying a mixture of water and bleach on your roof.
  2. Hail storms: Hailstones can be of different sizes and even the average-sized ones can cause a serious damage to the roof. With each hailstone strike, the protective layer on the shingles gets knocked-off. This weakens the shingles and makes it easier to leak. If there was a severe hail storm in your area, it is recommended that you inspect your roof for any damage or get it inspected from a professional roofer.
  3. Leaves and lack of maintenance: Leaves can get collected on your roof and gutters. While it may look harmless, it has the potential to clog your drainage system. Clogged drain will not only lead to pooling of water but also will cause mold formation, making it a breeding group for Therefore, timely removal of these leaves will help you in preventing the future havoc.

It is important that you upkeep your roof in order to avoid the occurrence of these problems. It is also essential to inspect your roof at least twice a year for any signs of impairments.

Roofs can get damaged because of the above-listed reasons or naturally due to aging. If you find any problem with the roof, you must contact a good roofer as soon as possible. In Massachusetts, South Shore Roofing Inc. is a trusted and well-established roofing company (click on to get professional help in for any roof related issues).