An air conditioner can fail any time without warning. This may lead to total distress, especially if you live in a region that receives high temperatures during summer seasons. There are myriad reasons that may cause your system to break down. However, here are a few common problems that might require air conditioning repair Austin:

  • Faulty wiring

Improper wiring can trip the circuit breaker and prevent the unit from receiving power. Moreover, incorrect installation is risky and a potential fire peril. Have a professional inspect your system to rewire or replace any defective wiring before the onset of summer.

  • Low refrigerant

Refrigerant (generally known as Freon) is the element that cools the air. If the level of coolant is low, you might be having a leak within the system. All refrigerant leaks should be traced and fixed by a well-trained technician.

  • Exterior fan isn’t working

The outside fan transfers the heat from your house to the outside atmosphere. If the fan isn’t working properly, the air conditioning compressor could overheat and result in internal damage to the compressor. It’s therefore crucial to have a professional address the concern to avoid any further damage.

  • Your filter is dirty

A clogged filter hampers the airflow and decreases the ability to cool the air effectively. Cleaning the filter or changing it once in a month (especially if your unit runs continuously), could prevent the problem. Also, have a technician perform a thorough cleaning during a tune-up to ensure that your system runs efficiently.

  • Frozen coil

Frozen coil points out that there could be a problem with the airflow, such as constraints triggered by blocked return air ductwork. The issue could also be a result of low refrigerant. A cooling professional can identify the problem and get your system running in no time.

  • Thermostat troubles

Dead batteries or a thermostat sensor that’s not calibrated properly may cause thermostat issues. When a thermostat isn’t working appropriately, it hinders the proper functioning of your air conditioning system. Sometimes, adjusting the thermostat sensor or changing the batteries can solve your problem.

  • Insufficient maintenance

Letting your system run for long periods without proper maintenance is likely to cause headaches in future. Without proper maintenance, issues can begin to snowball and affect the efficiency and operations of your system adversely. Have a professional perform annual tune-ups to detect and repair any concerns. This can save you replacements and reinstallations expenses.

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