Conservatories can be utilised throughout the year and make for the ideal addition to your living space. Here are three popular uses for conservatories.

A Dining Room Extension

Using a conservatory as a dining room is the most popular choice amongst homeowners. The conservatory is usually bathed in natural light and makes for a beautiful space to start your day with breakfast, enjoy a family meal together, or entertain your friends. With the right glazing materials, you can enjoy your glass conservatory whatever the weather, complete with a solid roofed extension.

A Playroom Extension

Is your family growing and you need extra space for the children to play, or are you looking to clear away the toys from your existing lounge? Sutton conservatories are a fantastic space for children’s toy rooms, or a games room for older children. Conservatories also make a great chill out space for your teenagers.

A Home Office Extension

If you have joined the work from home revolution, or you already run a business from home, a conservatory home office will allow you to work in natural light, away from the hustle and bustle of the main house, but still be close by if your family needs you. You could have your conservatory built to specifications, including flooring, plastering, electrical installations, phone and Internet lines and overall design so that you have the perfect office extension to get your work done in peace.

From glass to tiled roofs, double-glazed windows and lots of natural light, a conservatory is a versatile and convenient addition to any home. Whether you plan to use it for one of the above reasons, like a gym, a green room, extra sitting room or even a kitchen extension, there is no doubt you will enjoy the extra space.