If you’re having sink, toilet, shower, or bath issues, you may ask yourself whether or not you really need a plumber. Many people avoid calling the plumber because they are afraid of the pending bill or receiving bad news, which is actually the biggest reason why you should call as early on as possible. The longer you leave a problem, the bigger the issue may get, causing your repair bill to skyrocket. So, if you have an issue, your best bet is to call in the professionals. This also means that you should know what warning signs to look out for. Here are the top reasons to call the plumber as soon as possible.

No Hot Water

Hot water is integral part of a well-functioning home. Hot water is used for sanitisation, hygiene, cleaning, and more, which is why if you’re having water issues, such as a lack of hot water, you should call in the professionals immediately. There are many potential causes, from water tank failure to a waterline issue. In any case, trust the professionals and call for Sittingbourne plumbers.

Clogged Sink

Clogged sinks mean that there is improper drainage. This also means that you should call in a plumber. While some declogging products for home use may work, but for larger issues, they will not be fully effective, thus calling in a professional plumber to us specialised tools may be the only way to fix the clog.

Flooding/Overflowing Toilet 

Flooding of any kind is never a good sign. Flooding is also a regular result of a clogged drain, which is why you should always get clogged drains fixed as soon as possible to avoid potential flooding.


Not everyone should try to DIY their home renovations, especially when it comes to plumbing. Instead of risking mistakes that may have poor consequences, you should call in a plumber to help you with your renovations instead, costing you less money in potential repairs in the long-term.