Your countertop is beyond doubt one of the most eye-catching features in your kitchen. It’s probably one of the most used, as well. Your worktop is not just an aesthetic item that contrasts or blends into your kitchen’s design, it’s also a practical area where a lot of work is performed. It’s important, therefore, that your kitchen worktop looks good as well as being very practical in terms of use, maintenance, and cleaning.

It’s exactly for these reasons that granite worktops have become so popular and such proud features in many kitchens. There are, after all, so many benefits to this material. Are you thinking about getting a new worktop? Here are the top ten advantages of a granite worktop for your kitchen.

Benefits galore

There are many advantages of a granite worktop, but here’s the top ten:

  • The price. It was once thought to be an expensive commodity, but prices are actually very reasonable, especially considering the kind of value you get for your money. Don’t think it’s going to cost and arm and a leg – on the contrary.
  • A great investment. Installing a granite worktop will immediately increase the value of your kitchen, and hence, your home. Furthermore, considering it’s so durable, it offers an excellent return on investment.
  • No depreciation. That’s right – your worktop doesn’t depreciate in value.
  • Easy to maintain. Granite is very sanitary and it’s very easy to maintain; simply use warm water and a mild soap, and you’re done.
  • Hard and durable. Granite is a hard, natural stone and can take a lot of abuse; it’s guaranteed to last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Resistant. It’s heat resistant, scratch resistant, and although it’s porous in nature, after treatment it’s stain-resistant, too.
  • Hygienic. Because it’s stain-resistant and non-porous after treatment, there’s no chance for bacteria or mould to grow. It’s quite hygienic.
  • Different colours. With a wide variety of colours and hues, you can easily blend it with your preferred décor.
  • Classic beauty. Natural stone has been used since ancient times – it’s classic elegance.
  • Warranty. Most fabricators and manufacturers will ensure a warranty and quality guarantee.

Here’s one more advantage – a bonus, if you will: granite worktops come from nature, and are cut in slabs of all sizes and shapes, so even if you require an odd shape or a few awkward angles in your kitchen, it can be made to order. Because it is natural stone, there a very few materials that don’t match the natural elegance your granite worktop brings to the kitchen. Granite worktops, such as the granite worktops Ireland from C & G Granite, are not just a wonderful feature in the kitchen in terms of beauty, but also practical and financially-wise as well.