Home Secure

My mum and dad live on a main road and never lock their front door. Yes, I know, but it does not matter how many times I have the conversation with them it never changes. Home security is important, whatever generation you come from, times have changed. It really comes down to common sense and does not have to cost the earth.

Home Secure

Don’t Make It Easy For Them:

Obviously the easiest way to get into someone’s house is by accessing their keys. Do not make the mistake of assuming you have the only set of keys when you move into a new house. You do not know who has lived there before you. It’s a good time for changes and to change your locks, just to make sure. Also always change your locks if you lose your keys, you would be surprised how many people do not. Never hide your spare key somewhere outside. There is always potential for someone to find it. Instead, give it to a trusted friend or family member. Never leave keys visible from the outside – that is just putting temptation in a burglar’s way, and never leave keys in locks. The safest option is to take them with you when you go to bed.

Make Sure That You Are Secure:

Having doors and windows that are of good quality is important. If someone wants to get into your house they will look for the weak spots. Don’t let them find any. All external doors should ideally have three locking points which go into the frame. Mortice locks are good deterrents. Make sure that doors are installed properly and get advice from places like www.patiomaster.co.uk or other qualified providers. People sometimes worry about the security of patio doors, but rest assured that they can be protected by fitting purpose-made locks or a security bar. Speak to someone like a locksmith about it if you are unsure. Always lock your doors and windows.

Use Your Common Sense:

There are lots of small and inexpensive things that you can be doing to protect your property and its contents. Here are just a few of them:

  • Try having a gravel driveway – it is difficult for anyone to walk up one without making a noise
  • Get a Beware of the Dog sign, even if you do not have a dog it is a deterrent
  • When you are away use an automatic timer to turn on lights so that it is not obvious, make sure that this looks natural though. Consider getting a trusted neighbour to open and close curtains and blinds
  • Have motion sensor lights outside if it is particularly dark around your house
  • Don’t fill your garage full of junk, instead put the car in it. It is less likely to be damaged or stolen that way
  • Do not leave tools or ladders in your garden that someone can either steal or use to gain access to your house
  • Make sure that valuables are not visible from the street. Do not put temptation in peoples way
  • Get to know your neighbours – you never know when you might need them

Finally and most importantly, always remember that you are more important than your property. Making your house secure should never put you at risk in the event of something like a fire. So always make sure that you have easy access to keys and can open doors easily. Security is about stopping people getting in, not you getting out.

Image attributed to FreeDigitalPhotos.net Stuart Miles