water dropping from leaking showerhead in bathroom

A leaky shower can make your entire day turn into a nightmare. If you don’t want to get pissed off at the last moment when you get into the shower, it is better to invest some of your time in its proper maintenance and repair.

Here are some top tips mentioned to help you maintain and repair leaking showers.

  • Clean the Surface

First of all, you should keep your bathroom floor and shower clean to prevent any drastic issues in the future. You can use the mixture of chlorine and water to kill germs and get a clean surface. You should leave the mixture for a few minutes and then scrub the surface properly.

  • Replace Cracked Tiles

Your bathroom tiles might get cracked or broken which is a warning sign for you. You must get the shower area tiles inspected after every few while to detect the cracks beforehand. Once you fix the cracked tiles, you won’t have to invest more time and money in fixing the issues caused by leaky shower. It would help avoid a lot of disasters in the long run.

  • Apply Membrane

You can also apply the membrane layer to protect the shower tiles and walls from a leaky shower. It is better if you apply one coat before and let it dry completely. You should also prepare the new mixture before applying the second coat.

  • Replace Grout

If the grout in the bathroom shower is cracked or missing, you must replace it at once. It helps the moisture penetrate while relying on the membrane layer. You should make sure that you don’t miss such warning signs. Otherwise, you would have to face a severe water problem sooner.

  • Equipment

You must also have all of the necessary equipment and tools to carry out the repairing process of the leaky shower. If you don’t already have them, you should go and get a tool kit from any nearby hardware store. But if you don’t know how to use such equipment and tools properly, you can search for the Plumber near Me on the internet browser and you will have a lot of options to choose from.

  • Fix the Faucet

You should also learn to fix the shower faucet. First, you should turn off the water valves which might be located in the bathroom or basement. You can also turn off the main valve to end the supply. After removing the faucet, you should use a plier or wrench. If there is any remaining water inside the faucet, you should let that drain out. The rubber gasket inside the faucet is what you can replace with a new one to fix the issue. However, it must get fit inside the faucet properly. Then, you can reattach the faucet to its original position. Now turn on the water valves and see if the shower is still leaking or not. If the problem persists, you should call a professional for help immediately.

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