office interior design

Business practices have changed over the past few years with more emphasis on teamwork and collaboration. This required an open plan approach, where all employees can easily communicate, which is now the preferred design option, due to the many benefits it brings. Starch systems where each department has to be contacted through specific channels, gave way to space and contactability, which allows the workforce to engage in constructive dialogue and focus on the team goals.

office interior design

Open planning concepts

Open plan is the term used for a strategy to maximise the use of floor space while minimising the use of rooms, such as private offices. Prior to the 1950’s, an open plan office meant rows of desks or benches where employees performed repetitive tasks. In today’s business world, open-plan is essential, with employee communication encouraged at all levels. With the right environment, a balance of privacy and accessibility can be achieved, bringing out the full potential of the workforce. The dynamic working ambience of today’s young entrepreneur, with high profile, social media companies where people come to work in jeans and trainers, is perfectly suited to an open floor design system that is easy to rearrange.

A change in behaviour

Modern business does not hold too much with protocol, with the overall efficiency of the organisation being the objective. All levels of staff are approachable and there is communication across all levels, from upper-management to the shop floor. It is this style of business that has led to the evolution of open-plan design, which tailors the physical environment to the needs of the company.

One stop service

In today’s hi-tech world, office design, manufacture, and construction are provided by the same company. Experienced in all aspects of office interior design, an established contractor will be able to deal with all the utilities and other essential services one needs when relocating a business.

Design is everything

When creating office space, the layout is critical. All workstations should be aligned for maximum efficiency and ease of contact with relevant personnel. With the clever use of screens and partitioning, one can create the ideal working area that gives flexibility, visibility, and the required level of privacy. With the trend for open dialogue in project meetings, an open plan approach gives you the foundations to allocate your floor space in the most effective way possible. There is an informative article here that highlights the importance of design in an office environment.

Your business is unique

The design process should begin with a visit from the design team, who will evaluate your floor space and ask many questions related to your business. This will help them to build an image of how you operate, enabling them to create the perfect working environment.

The perfect ambience

Partitioning is an ideal way to improve the layout and function of any office environment. With the latest designs, you can create a modern, efficient, and attractive working environment, with a wide range of materials and textures available.


The right amount of light is essential for any work area, and with an open-plan partition design, one can control the amount of light in every corner. Illumination doesn’t necessarily have to come from the ceiling, with a range of table lights and floor lamps, one can achieve the right balance. LED provides some innovative ways to spice up the working arena, adding a comforting warmth with soft, dull light.


When planning your new office space, employee privacy is important and with sound proofed screens, you can easily create small workstations with semi-level visibility that allow for privacy, while still in an open-plan environment.


When designing your new office, you have a large, open area, which is ideal for partitioning. You will require sufficient workstations, with careful thought as to where each employee should be positioned. It is ideal to have people who collaborate often to be close to each other.  The equipment for workstations can vary and with a professional office fitout company, all your requirements can be dealt with by the same people. There are various design options, depending on the kind of environment you need, and with composite materials, the choices are indeed many.

Portable screens

Mainly for temporary solutions, they also add some colour and variation when placed correctly. Portable, free-standing panels are used to create small workstations, providing instant access, with a level of privacy. Some projects might require major changes in seating arrangements, and with portable screens, this can easily be achieved.

Increased focus

With partitioning, people are not so distracted by things happening around them, so they are able to focus more on their task. Soundproofing technology ensures you won’t have to listen to the phone conversation nearby, with each employee enjoying their own private space.

Glass partitioning

A glass partition brings more light into the room while creating an illusion of more space. The transparency enables a high level of visibility combined with privacy. An opaque glass partition, for example, with clear horizontal strips at eye level, will give you a high range of vision, without compromising your privacy. Glass enhances larger areas and is a popular choice for shopping malls, department stores and other public venues.

Use a professional service

If you are considering a makeover for your office, contact an established local company, who can effectively design and fitout your work area for maximum efficiency in a cost-effective way. This essential service enables countless businesses to operate effectively, by providing innovative solutions for office environments.

The right partner for any business

Whatever your business environment, the premises need to be in good condition, with any necessary repairs carried out. By employing the services of an office fitout company, you can rest assured that all your workspace needs will be in the expert’s safe hands. This service will be available whenever you feel the need, perhaps you are expanding and need extra space, or require a change of ambience. With the inter-connection of partitioning, combined with screen panels, you have the versatility to make regular changes to your office environment, something that will encourage well-being in your employees.